Blog 23rd march

23rd March

We’ve continue with our work about people who live in Uganda this week and the children have looked at a wide range of Ugandan housing.  Some houses look very similar to the houses that we have – they are made of bricks, have windows, doors and gardens but some looked very different.  We discovered that some Ugandan people live in very small houses that only have 1 room.  These houses are often made with a wooden structure and mud.  The roofs can be made from straw or corrugated iron.  We found that these houses didn’t have electricity and we thought that they might be very dark as they didn’t really have windows either.  We thought that we were lucky to have our lovely homes to go to that night!  Could you use google earth or Google images to look at some traditional housing?  Then you could make a picture or write about what you have seen.

We’ve also been looking at traditional Ugandan jewellery and clothing.  The children have had a super time with Mrs Hammond and Mrs Vicky making their own traditional necklaces.  They’ll be bringing these home soon.  Maybe you could make bracelets at home?

The well-known story Handa’s surprise was perfect for this week as we could see some traditional housing in Handa and Akeyo’s home villages.  We could also see the traditional clothes that people were wearing.   On Friday, we pretended to be Handa as we wrote about what had happened.  I was so impressed with the independence the children had as they wrote.  Lots of children were able to think of and write about their day as Handa without support – it really shows that these children experience stories and talk about characters in books every day. 

In our number work, we have continued to think about numbers with 10s and units and we have made these with Numicon, 10 rods and unit cubes and 10p and 1p coins.  It would be great if you could practise making numbers with 10p and 1p coins at home.   We’ve also continued to measure in centimetres.  I challenged the children to make a tower that was 50cm tall.  Lots of resilience was needed with this task and we got there in the end!  Maybe you could make towers of different heights at home?