Blog 27- wb 20th May

To round off our topic, mini beasts and Spring time we have been learning all about bees this week. We have been "busy bees" all week learning about the importance of protecting bees!
We began the week talking about some of the different types of bees (honey and bumble) and what their jobs are. Most of the children could tell me that bees make honey. However, they didn't know that before they make honey they need to collect nectar. We watched lots of real footage so that the children could see bees in action up close. We said that it would be really tricky to see a bee up close outside as they often move around quickly.
We continued our learning by talking about where bees live (in hives). Thank you to a member of Apple Class for bringing in a real hive from home. We enjoyed looking closely at the shape- hexagons enclosed in a sphere. We decided to make our own hexagon hives, see some on display now.
We then decided we wanted to know what honey tasted like. So we all had a taste before making our own honey and raisin flapjacks. We thought that the honey tasted sweet and sticky. Mr Swordy did a great job of helping the children to weigh and measure the ingredients, mix it together and then cooking them. They tasted delicious!
As well as all of this, we got out our favourite robot toy, the bee bot! The children had the job of making the bee bots move to the different numbered flowers. Once we had identified which number we wanted it to travel to, we had to work out what the arrows meant. Some children understood them straight away and others needed to play around with the bee bots to figure out which way the arrows would take them. Despite this being a tricky activity for some, we use lots of great language- forward, turn, backwards, move, go, stop, change direction. 
For our last day of half term I have been out of school, but, I heard some exciting news that all of our caterpillars have now hatched out of their cocoons and are now beautiful butterflies! The children were very excited to release them into the wild and see them fly away. More pictures will follow later in the week.
Well done everyone for working so hard in such a short half term! Next half term we will be learning all about Summer time. So as the weather gets warmer please remember sun hats and sun cream.
Have a great week.
Miss F