Blog 3- wb 21st September

Well... that's another week done and dusted! Time is flying by and we are now starting to feel the chilly Autumn weather approaching. Please remember to bring a warm hat, scarf and gloves (with names on) everyday or to keep in your child's bag should the weather get cold. We go outside everyday regardless of weather. 
Anyway on with the week... this week we have been learning all about our senses (touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing). The children have loved taking part in a variety of fun activities to support their understanding of the senses! Their favourite activity being tasting and smelling a range of fruits and vegetables. This activity was centered around developing vocabulary, sentence building and listening and attention. The children used some super vocab: sweet, sour, juicy, crunchy, hard and soft. We will continue to practice talking in sentences and listening to others. 
To help us understand our sense of touch, we enjoyed making our own textured collages. Again, this had a focus on vocabulary. The children had to select materials that were bumpy, soft, rough, smooth, squishy, crumply and much more. Most of us were able to think carefully about how to describe the materials, but, some of us needed support to choose the right word. Vocabulary is something we work on throughout the year so no need to worry!
To help us learn more about how we use our listening ears we played a variety of games. The first game "whos got the keys" is a firm favourite where the children have to guess who has the keys hidden behind their back by following the sound. The next game is a super phonics game where we had to listen to various environmental sounds (clock ticking, rain, dog barking etc) and guess what they were. We also listened to music and played a variety of instruments and talked about what they sounded like.
Lastly, sight. Everyday we talked about something we saw on the way to school or out in the playground. The children also spent lots of time looking carefully through binoculars, magnifiers and using torches to shine.
In our mathematical work, we have explored shape. The children have loved constructing with shapes and creating their own shape pictures. Can you spot any shapes around your house?
As well as all of this busy learning, the children have enjoyed exploring and experimenting with our loose parts, threading shapes, cutting and sticking, colouring , painting, dancing and singing.
A busy and happy week had by all! Next week we will begin our Autumn learning. Don't forget about apple class homework (shared learning) which is to create your own Autumn masterpiece. Please bring to school by Monday 19th October so we can create a display.
Have a restful, safe and happy weekend.
Miss F