Blog 3- wb 30th Sep

To bring our All About Me topic to a close, this week we have been learning all about our five senses (Listening, looking, touching, smelling and tasting). The children have enjoyed taking part in lots of group activities and reflecting on their learning in the continuous provision. 
To help the children understand more about how we use our listening sense, we listened to different sounds, listened to musical instruments and played "who's got the keys" and "what's in the bag". The children particularly loved the game "who's got the keys" where they had to listen carefully and guess who was shaking the keys.
To help us learn more about our sight we enjoyed shining torches in the blackout tent. The children were able to notice the difference between shining the torches in the day light to shining them in the dark. 
To help us think carefully about our sense of touch, the children enjoyed describing different things around the classroom (play doh, soft toys, stones/shells, Lego). We also enjoyed describing mystery items in a bag. We used lots of great vocabulary- hard, soft, smooth, bumpy, squishy, slimy. 
For smelling and tasting, the children loved helping to make "smelly cakes" (with cinnamon). This activity was a great opportunity to practice our turn taking and listening skills as well as using lots of great vocabulary- weigh, measure, mix, pour, stir, sift, smell, taste, sweet, sticky. 
Around the classroom there has been lots of chance for the children to engage in various senses activities. In the funky fingers area we had scented play doh. We had a blackout tent and tray with little reflective mirrors and beads. In the writing area the children enjoyed making textured collages using various fabrics.
Next week we will begin our Autumn learning. Thank you to those that have brought in the Autumn shared learning. The children have proudly "showed off" their creations and you can now see them on display in our classroom. Great work everyone. If you would like to make an Autumn picture, please bring them in anytime you like!
Our makaton signs of the week are please and more. Encourage your child to show you what they have learnt and have a go at home.
I hope you have had a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow- Miss F