Blog 4- wb 28th September

Well, that's September done and dusted! Another busy week full of learning and a very quick first month in Nursery! Now we are into October, the weather is getting chilly! Please bring a named hat and pair of mittens to keep in Nursery.
This week we have been learning about all things Autumn. We started the week by looking at pictures of Autumn and pictures of Summer and talking about the difference. We then used our knowledge to explore the world around us! We have really enjoyed observing the seasonal changes all around us at school (we have especially noticed the change in weather). The children have loved exploring both our garden and big school field for Autumnal treasure. We have spent lots of time outside together and found lots of coloured leaves, conkers, fur cones and berries. This has led to us being very busy inside! The children have enjoyed experimenting with conkers to see how fast they can move, they have enjoyed counting their finds, making pictures with their treasure and so much more!
In our mathematical work we have continued to explore shape. The children have enjoyed using their Autumn finds to decorate and create shapes. Apple class are getting super good at recognising the shapes circle, square, triangle and oblong. Over the weekend, see if you can find some Autumn treasure and make your own shapes in the garden or house (See pictures attached for ideas).
The children have enjoyed being really creative this week as well. They have enjoyed making their own leaf paintings, conker crowns, cutting and sticking to decorate Autumn trees and have loved using their Autumn treasure to be creative in their play. They have particularly loved using conkers as food in the role play area! Loose parts plays is so important to stimulate imagination and creativity. Remember,  stick can be a wand, a walking stick or a spoon. A pine cone could be a banana, a train or a piece of cake! When your child is playing at home, try to encourage them to use objects around the house in their play. For example, they could use a scarf as a superhero cape.
In other learning around the classroom, the children have been busy practicing their pencil grip whilst colouring Autumn pictures, weaving ribbon through cooling racks to develop their fine motor skills and using scissors to cut out Autumn pictures.
We have had such a fun week, enjoy the pictures! Next week we will continue our Autumn learning and will focus our learning on the story Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert. 
Don't forget to bring in your Autumn pictures as part of our class shared learning activity.
Have a great weekened
Miss F