Blog 4- wb 7th October

What an extremely busy week packed full of Autumn learning! The children have really enjoyed learning about Autumn this week and have spent lots of time both inside and out developing their understanding of changes to the season.
As you can see from the pictures below, the children have been busy getting creative and developing their fine motor skills by decorating Autumn trees. They used corks to represent the leaves and had to select appropriate colours.
In our mathematical learning, we have been practicing counting out objects into sets. Some children practiced counting number names in order up to 10, some children could recognise the numbers but needed support counting out and some children could count out independently. Staff will continue to support children at the level they are working at. 
Outside we have been super busy! Not only did we explore the field for signs of Autumn, but, the children really enjoyed going on a leaf hunt as well. They had to use their looking eyes to carefully search for different coloured Autumn leaves. You can now see some of their findings on display in the classroom. Whilst out on the field the children found leaves, conkers, beech nuts, seeds and pine cones. They enjoyed listening to the sounds the leaves made and enjoyed throwing them up in to the air!
As well as these adult led activities, the children have enjoyed time exploring and practicing skills on their own. In the tuff tray the children have enjoyed using magnifying glasses to look closely at their Autumn finds, on the writing table they have enjoyed cutting and sticking to decorate Autumn trees, in the funky fingers area they have played with Autumn scented play doh.
We are currently learning two Autumn songs: Autumn leaves are falling down and I'm a little hedgehog. Please see the attached songs if you would like to practice at home. 
Our makaton signs of the week are toilet and food. Please follow the link to the cbeebies website to watch the videos. 
Thank you so much for the fantastic response to the Autumn homework! We really appreciate the time you are taking to make these special creations. The children are LOVING showing off their work.
Next week we will learn more about Harvest.
Have a great weekend everyone- Miss F