Blog 4- wb 8th October

It has been a celebration of all things Autumn in apple class this week! We have had lots of fun exploring, being creative, thinking carefully and working together. As you can see on the photographs, the children have had lots of learning opportunities outdoors this week- so just a quick reminder to everyone to please bring in hats and gloves as the weather is turning colder.
We went on an Autumn scavenger hunt around the school grounds on Monday and the children absolutely loved seeing Autumn first hand! We saw lots and lots of leaves, berries, acorns, conkers and pine cones. We then went back to the classroom and made Autumn collages and did some leaf printing.
Later in the week we read the story Leaf Man. The children really enjoyed spotting the hidden creatures Leaf Man made himself into. Can you remember which animals he turned into? After reading this, we made our own Leaf Men- you can now see them on display on our classroom window.
As well as this, the children have been practicing their counting using conkers and acorns. They have been making leaf crowns, making their own cotton bud Autumn pictures and creating their own Autumn small world "woodland".
Next week we will be learning about Harvest.
Whatever your'e up to, have a great weekend!
Miss F