Blog 5- wb 14th October

This week has been all about harvest. We have been super busy learning all about what harvest is and what it means for other people. Some of the children in Apple class live on or near farms or have family that live on farms and so they have really enjoyed teaching others what they know.
So what have we been up to to help us learn about harvest?
We have enjoyed watching some videos of combines and tractors in action, watching episodes of "down on the farm at harvest" from Cbeebies, we have looked closely at vegetables, played with farm small world toys and have made our own harvest vehicles (combines and tractors). The children have especially enjoyed looking at the vegetables, including some enormous pumpkins! We opened up the pumpkins to see what was inside and then we enjoyed scooping out the seeds and flesh. Have a look at some of the pictures attached.
In our mathematical learning this week we have been matching shapes. The children had to find the circles, squares and triangles from the box and match them to the correct pictures on the challenge table. This was a bit tricky as there were other shapes in there to trick us. Most of the children were able to match the shapes correctly, well done!
In continuous provision, the children have enjoyed the Autumn enhancements in the play doh area, colouring in harvest pictures in the writing area, reading harvest stories in the reading corner, playing with farm toys in the small world area and  we even took our learning outside by using the tyres to make tractors. 
As usual, we continue to learn some makaton signs with Mr Tumble (from Cbeebies). This week we have learnt the sign for drink and goodbye. You can go to the cbeebies website to see these being taught.
Thank you for the amazing response to the class homework. You can now see your amazing creations on display in class.
Next week we will continue our Autumn learning and will be reading Leaf Man and learning all about hedgehogs.
Hope you have had a great weekend- Miss F