Blog 6- wb 12th October

Another quick week with only one week left to go before half term. Don't forget we aren't in school on Friday 23rd! Our last day in school is Thursday 22nd.
Anyway, on with the week. This week we were very excited to have a go at recreating Vincent Van Gogh's painting "the mulberry tree". First we talked about what an artist is and lots of children were able to reflect upon the paintings they have created recently. Excellent reflective learning apple class! Next, we discussed how we knew the picture was painted in Autumn time. Most of us could spot the yellow leaves on the tree. We also thought carefully about why the artist may have created "wavy" leaves on the tree. Some of their ideas were: "the leaves are falling off", "it is really windy" and "the tree is wobbling in the wind". We had some super thoughtful discussions, well done! Afterwards the children enjoyed recreating their own paintings just like an artist. You may have had your child's painting home this week already. Aren't they fantastic!
In our mathematical work we made some leaf crowns! Where's the maths I hear you ask? First, the children had to count 10 leaves for their crowns. This is trickier than it sounds! Although most of the children can count in order some of us struggle to count out a set amount of objects and hold our concentration. This is something we will continue to practice. Why not have a go at home? All you will need is: some card, glue and leaves!
On Wednesday we went outside with Mrs Pickard to forest school. This was so exciting! First we got dressed for the outdoors and off we went! (please encourage your child to dress independently and put on their coat and shoes themselves- lots of us still struggle with this). When we arrived the children were very excited to find out they were taking part in a treasure hunt. But no ordinary treasure hunt, an insect/bug hunt! First we learnt some facts about the creatures then went off to find the hidden animals all around forest school. Did you know spiders have 8 eyes and 48 knee caps? Did you know lady birds have 4 wings? Did you know worms have 5 hearts? Did you know frogs drink using their skin? The children really loved being outdoors, getting messy, exploring their natural environment and importantly they all had fun!
This week we have also been learning about Autumn animals and what they get up to! Hedgehogs and squirrels are the animals we have focused on. Did you know hedgehogs gather their food in Autumn ready for hibernation in Winter? Apple class did. Did you know that hedgehogs like to live under piles of leaves to keep warm? Apple class did. Did you know squirrels love to eat nuts and acorns? Apple class did. To follow on from our learning, we enjoyed making fine motor hedgehogs and squirrels too. The children used brown tissue to scrunch or simply stick down to represent their prickly backs.
Next week we are going to be learning about Harvest. We can't wait!
Have a lovely and restful weekend, see you all on Monday!
Miss F