Blog 6th March

What a great time we had on Thursday celebrating World Book Day!  The children looked fabulous in their costumes and thoroughly enjoyed telling us about their characters and sharing lots of stories together.  In addition to all of the stories we shared on Thursday, we’ve enjoyed an old favourite, Handa’s Surprise during the week.  The children enjoyed tasting all of the exciting fruits that Handa wanted to take to her friend Akeyo and they ranked their top 3.  Mango seemed to be the firm favourite.  On Friday, the children became story tellers and thought of a new surprise for Handa to pop in her basket for her friend. There were some super ideas!

We took a trip to Uganda again this week and looked at housing.  The children compared the houses that they saw to their own.  We identified many similarities.  Many of our houses are built of brick and many houses in Uganda are built of brick too.  We discovered that there are many stone houses in Alnwick but we didn’t see many stone houses in the areas of Uganda that we looked at.  Many houses in Uganda are built with concrete walls and corrugated iron roofs.  In addition, some traditional Ugandan houses still have mud walls and thatched roofs.  We had a go at making our own traditional British and Ugandan houses and we’ll have these up on display next week. Maybe you could use the internet to look at a range of Ugandan housing over the weekend. Our children in Reception all had a go at drawing their own house and most were able to identify their house number and address.  The children enjoyed talking about the materials that their houses were built of and how long they had lived there.  The children also talked about other places that they and their parents had lived.  This demonstrated a great understanding of family history – an important part of our curriculum.

In our number work, we’ve been doubling numbers.  The children understand that double means two of the same thing.  We can all rattle off doubles up to double 5.  Maybe you could explore double 6 – double 10 over the weekend. We’ve also begun to identify, count with and compare numbers up to 50.  We found that making the numbers with numicon or tens rods and ones cubes really helped us as we compared. 

It was great to share progress at consultation meetings this week.  I hope you found it informative and enjoyed looking at your child’s work.