Blog 7- wb 19th October

Although it's been a short week, the children have worked super hard learning all about Harvest.  The children have enjoyed learning about the importance of farmers during Harvest time and how important it is to be grateful for all of the food we eat. Giving thanks to those that provide food for us is so important. 
The children have particularly loved watching videos of farmers in their fields harvesting the wheat. They were fascinated by the combine harvesters and tractors and trailers. We looked closely at the machines and talked about the different parts. Afterwards we had a go at making our own farm vehicles! The children looked closely at images of combines and tractors and were able to recreate them using our junk model materials. They were able to explain their choices (this is a light for the tractor, these are the wheels etc) and thought carefully how they could join the materials together and later improve their model. Well done everyone! If you wish to have another look at the videos we watched at school simply follow this link
In our mathematical work, now that most of us can count in order, we had a go at counting out set amounts. The task was to count out the correct amount of acorns for the hungry squirrels. Most of us counted in order but really struggled counting out a set amount. A lot of the children didn't understand they had to stop counting when they reached the number I asked for. So, lots of super counting in order but not a set amount. Keep practice counting out sets at home. For example, could you ask your child to count out 4 knives and forks for dinner time or can they count out 8 socks for everyone in the family.
In free play the children have enjoyed role playing with the farm toys, developing their fine motor skills by hammering gold tees into pumpkins, creating Autumn and Harvest pictures and making Autumn animal shelters using loose parts.
Unfortunately, our week has been cut short but luckily only by one day! The children have worked so hard this half term and have all earned a well deserved rest! Stay safe, take care and I will be thinking of you all. Don't forget- Apple class don't return to school until Tuesday 3rd November. If you wish to be doing anything at home tomorrow, during half term or on Monday 2nd, some suggestions include: scissor skills, name writing, counting out sets (up to 5), reading stories together and recalling key facts from the story or why not make some play doh?
Take care
Miss F