Blog 8- wb 2nd November

It's been so lovely to have everyone back to Nursery this week and to see the children happy, smiling and healthy! Although a shorter week, we have been busy learning lots!
This week we have been learning all about bonfire night. We began by talking about what bonfire night is and what we might see. Some of the children did a super job talking about the fireworks they have seen before. They enjoyed explaining "my favourite colour firework is..." or "I love the fireworks that are rockets", "fireworks are really loud". We talked about how this year might be a bit different so we watched some lovely firework displays on you tube. 
We then talked about the meaning of bonfire night and about the history of the 5th of November. The children enjoyed learning about how Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament and King James. We talked about how Guy Fawkes didn't like the King, but, luckily, Guy Fawkes plans were stopped by the kings guards! This was a very very long time ago, over 400 years! So much to Apple class' disappointment, we won't be seeing King James on the 5th of November!  
To support our understanding of bonfire night, we enjoyed looking at videos and pictures of fireworks and making our own firework pictures using paint, glue and glitter. To develop our fine motor skills the children used cotton buds for effect and splashed the paint on using their fingers. You may have received your child's masterpiece home this week!
In our maths work we had a go at making firework repeating patterns. The children tried really hard and most of us understood a simple 2 part pattern (red, green, red, green, red) and some of us had a go at a 3 part pattern (red, green, yellow, red, green, yellow).  It's important for children to understand pattern so that they can make predictions and make connections. Keep practicing making repeating patterns at home. You could use any household items- fork, spoon, fork, spoon or sock, shoe  sock, shoe. I'd love to see pictures of you making your own patterns on your learning journal.
Outside, the children loved moving like fireworks- zooming and running quickly. They enjoyed using the boom whackers to make firework sounds. Enjoy watching the video below!
To round off the week we loved listening to Handels firework music. We listened carefully to the different sounds and talked about why the music got louder and louder. We then used instruments to play along.
In continuous provision, the children have enjoyed our new role play area-Apple class Cafe. They have loved taking orders, cooking food and paying at the till. They have also loved decorating patterns using loose parts and they  loved copying firework patterns on whiteboards.
What a great first week back! Next week we will learn all about the story "The Gruffalo" by Julia Donaldson. Next week will be all about the importance of story recall.
- This week the weather has been noticeably colder so please remember to bring a named hat and pair of mittens as we will still go out in all weather.
-The portal for Reception applications is now open and will close on 15th January. Your child is not guaranteed a place in reception and you must apply! See the nursery newsletter or Swansfield Park Facebook page for details on how to apply.
Have a super weekend everyone, stay safe.
Miss F