Blog 8th November

Welcome back to the second half of the Autumn Term.

It’s been a week of fireworks and bonfire celebrations in Plum Class.  As well as talking about their own experiences, the children have been finding out the history behind this yearly event.  They have discovered that a man called Guy Fawkes, who didn’t much like the king, tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament over 400 years ago.  When his plan failed, he was captured, put in prison and then killed!  Maybe you’d like to research this story a bit further over the weekend.   In their independent work and play, the children have made portraits of Guy Fawkes, drawn and built the Houses of Parliament and constructed their own bonfires.  They have used chalk pastels to create some fantastic firework sky scenes.  These will be on display outside the classroom next week.   In mathematical work, the children used 2D shapes to make their own fireworks.  Maybe you could have a go at drawing some shape fireworks at home over the weekend.  We used our hall time to create firework dance moves and we made some musical accompaniment with shakers and bookwhackers.  We really enjoyed doing this.  I was particularly impressed with the movements the children invented to simulate a Catherine Wheel that spins round and a round.

In our number work, we’ve continued to add.  We have explored the combinations of numbers which add up to 10.  We call these the number bonds of 10.  The children are beginning to learn these by heart and we’ll continue to practise them until they become second nature!

With Remembrance Sunday taking place this weekend, we took a little bit of time on Thursday afternoon to discuss why we wear poppies.  Many children were able to explain reasons for this and we talked together about all of the people who had lost their lives fighting in wars.  Maybe you’d like to make a poppy this weekend or talk together about the significance of Remembrance Sunday within society.

Whatever you get up to, I hope you have fun and let’s keep fingers crossed for better weather next week so that we can get outside a bit more!