Blog & homework and photos for week commencing 21st of September

Blog, spellings and homework for 21st of September
Hello everyone and welcome to our first Blog & Homework page of the year!
The school year has got off to a promising start for us and everyone in Willow Class appears to have settled in quickly - including all the staff!! After what has been a significant amount of time spent away from the classroom, I am so impressed with the way the children have returned to class. They have settled into the hand washing and new lunch routines with ease but I am particularly impressed with their enthusiasm for learning and their eagerness to try their very best. We have a lovely class of children who work extremely well together.
We may have only been in school for a couple of weeks, but we have already had a lot of fun! We have done lots of hands -on, practical work in maths. The children have been learning all about the properties of 3D shapes. We have started our All About Me writing in English which also helps me get to know each child a lot better! We have also been discussing what makes us happy and thinking about how to turn negative thoughts into positive ones. Multi-skills is proving popular on a Thursday morning. Thank you for sending your children in appropriate clothing for this session.The weather has been extremely good to us so we have made the most of outdoor learning. Already we have had a team building session - making bridges to hold a given weight, created self-portraits with natural materials and worked in groups to create and label the bones of our skeleton. Above are some photos for you to look through.
You have now all received your child's usernames and passwords both for Spelling Frame and Times Tables Rockstars. I know that already many of the children have been on Spelling Frame. I am excited to see how this interactive way of learning helps to improve our spelling. in order to play around with Spelling Frame, the children have had a good few weeks to practise this first set of spellings. Our first spelling test will be on Monday the 28th of September. Your child's spellings are visible on Spelling Frame but here is also a list for your use. Some weeks, there may be two sets of spellings but your child will know which set they are accessing.
The homework for this week is maths based and is set on Busy Things. The class has been shown how to access this homework. Your child needs to sign into School 360, go into 'Resources', then into 'Busy Things', click on KS2,then click on 'Willow Class' and finally into 'My Assignments'. You will see two assignments which have been set. This is so we cater for differing abilities within class. One assignment is to group the 3D shapes by the number of vertices and the other is to name the 2D shapes. Your child has been told which one to access but there is nothing to stop them having a go at both! We are just beginning with a short activity this week. In future weeks, I may add a few activities for your child to complete on Busy Things or one assignment but full details will always be given. When complete, the children submit their assignment and then I am able to see it in my file. If there are any complications, please just let me know. We are all just getting into the swing of things so teething problems are expected! Please don't worry about Google Classroom at the moment as when we begin using it, I will let you know.
Have a great week. Stay well and take care everyone,
Mrs Smith : )