Blog, homework and photos for week commencing 28th of September

Blog, spellings and homework for week commencing 28th of September 
Hello everyone and welcome to this week's blog and homework overview.
It's been another busy week in Willow Class and the children have all worked very hard. The good weather at the beginning of the week allowed us to get outside and create our own Andy Goldsworthy inspired land art. Above are some of natural material sculptures which I'm sure you will be very impressed with!
The children have just about finished their All About Me pieces of writing and work on 'Place Value' with 3-digit numbers is well underway. Multi-skills is continuing to be a success on a Thursday morning  too. 
We have some new activities taking place through the week. Our class have been asked to participate in a music session with Annelise who also leads the instrument lessons at Swansfield Park. From talking to Liz who accompanied the children to take part with this in our school studio, it was lots of fun and the children had a great time learning body percussion. Groups of children are also going out for 'Muddy Writing' sessions on a Wednesday afternoon. These sessions involve the children using the outdoor environment to stimulate discussion and writing activities. All of the children will get do this at some point through out the year. However, as we all continue to use the outdoors whatever the weather, can I ask that everyone has wellies and coats in school please. That way, our outdoor learning will be much more enjoyable for all!
All of the children in Willow Class have been allocated a reading book. This book will be kept in class so that children have easy access to their book when it comes to their timetabled quiet reading sessions. Throughout the following weeks, children will also read individually with myself or Liz as well as taking part in their Guided Reading Sessions. Children also have access to books from our class bookcase which they keep in their drawers.
Homework and spellings.
I am pleased to see that children have been making the most of Spelling Frame to learn their spellings. Looking at the Class Leaderboard, I can see the points are building up! The children have been shown a few times now how to get on to Spelling Frame. Please make sure your child accesses this exciting tool by going to Spelling Frame and then clicking on 'Login'. The children can then get on by entering their password details. I think a few children had initially clicked on 'register' as some thought they had to pay for Spelling Frame which of course is not the case. All children are signed up to this by school.
We have 2 groups for spelling this week. You will see your child's spellings when they go on Spelling Frame. The spellings are as follows:
 Group 1    Group 2       Group 3
fat afraid after
fox mail beautiful
fit pain break
them rain even
thin sail everybody
van snail father
  trail great
  train pretty
  wait steak
Subject-based Homework
This week's subject task is once again set on 'Busy Things' and has a science focus. The children have been learning all about the bones of the human body. They have two activities set in 'My Assignments', both involving labelling the bones of the body, one with common names and one with more scientific names. After completing the activity, your child must click 'submit' to send their work to me. 
Could you also ensure that children are accessing Times Tables Rockstars on a weekly basis. Currently, the tables are set to practise the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. This will help them with their Times Tables Rockstars sessions in class which we have three time per week. It is a really fun, competitive and engaging way for children to practise their tables so all support is greatly appreciated.
Take care and have a good week everyone. Once again, if you have any questions please just email me.
Mrs Smith