Blog March 9th

Well, it was certainly good to get back to normal this week and it was also lovely to speak with you all at consultation meetings.

We have jumped straight in with our Africa topic this week by exploring African animals and sorting them into their family groups.  We have learnt about the things that each animal family (mammals, fish, birds, amphibians and reptiles) have in common.  Maybe you could find out about these animal families at home by looking in a non-fiction book or by searching for information on the internet.  Maybe you could write or draw your findings.  Today, we enjoyed a poem called “Walking in Africa.”  I’m sure that your child will remember it and might even give you a performance!  It would be fun to write a new version of the poem by choosing which African animals to spy.

In our number work this week, we’ve been reading and comparing numbers up to 50.  We have also been thinking about how these numbers are made with 10s and 1s.  Numicon has helped us greatly with this job.  It has helped us to see that for example, 23 is not made with 2 and 3 (that would be 5!).  Instead, it’s made with 2 tens and a 3.  You could have a go at recognising numbers up to 50 this weekend.

It has also been so lovely to see the children dressed up as their favourite book characters today.  Another nice idea could be to enjoy some of your favourite family books over the weekend.

Whatever you do, have a lovely time.  Happy Mothering Sunday to all of the ladies and I’ll see you all on Monday.