Home learning 1st of February

Hello Cherry Chums 


Welcome to week 5!


I had some lovely conversations last week with a lot of parents, thank you for your emails and updates on home learning. Great to see a lot more parents using their child’s journal to upload photos and observations at home!


Let’s have a messy Monday to start the week off. Let’s make some snow! You will need:


A big bowl 

Hair conditioner

Baking soda 


Add in the ingredients to your preferred result.. get mixing with your hands! Tell me what it feels like? What it looks like? What does it smell like? A tray is perfect for playing with your snow and you could add some animals, diggers, spoons, bowls, cake tins. During this activity I want children to get creative describing the snow with you.  Let them have lots of imaginative play and explore.  This is meeting their sensory needs as well as being a lot of fun (and possibly a little bit messy!) 


Tuesday: Time to explore shapes!  You can make some paper shapes or use shape toys you may have at home. Can you make your own snowman? Now, we know that when we look at snowmen, they are generally circular in shape but could you make your snowman with other shapes like a triangle, semi circles, squares, oblongs etc. Don’t forget eyes, nose, buttons, mouth. You can use paper for this activity if you wish your child to try some cutting out of shapes or loose parts from around your home to assemble your snowman using lots of different things.


Wednesday: Can you make your own snow den? You could go hunting around your house to see what things you could use for your snow den! You may need some pegs, chairs, cushions and sheets to get you started! You could use your den to have your lunch or a picnic in or simple to play in. Before you make your den you could design your den and talk about how you want your den to look!


Thursday: Winter scavenger hunt! Can you find and name some of these things... 


A bird (what kind)

Melting ice 

An evergreen tree

A shovel 

Animal tracks

A tree with one leaf

An insect

A frozen puddle 

A pinecone 

A bird feeder

Moving water 

An Icicle 




Time for a new song! ( to the tune I’m a little teapot)


I’m a little penguin 

Black and white 

Stout and fluffy 

What a sight 


I can’t fly 

But I love to swim 

So I’ll waddle to the water 

And dive right in


Here are some links to help support home learning, have a lovely week guys! Claire :-)