Corona virus closure- Blog week 2- wb 30th March

Please see attached the story of Belle and Billy stay at home. This story helps children to understand and make sense of this tricky time. A new chapter will be released each week. This is chapter 1.
Hello again apple class!
I hope you're keeping well, staying healthy and have had a good week. It has been really strange not seeing you all but I have LOVED looking at the amazing pictures you have been adding to your journals. A big thank you to mums and dads for doing this as you have been making me smile all week! Don't forget, if you would like me to share your photo's on the online gallery (see Corona closure gallery under apple class page) please send them to my email- so that I know you are giving me permission to share. Enjoy the photo's in the online gallery (see Corona closure gallery) and take inspiration from each other to help you along your home school journey. I have also attached a lovely video from a family saying a big thank you to the NHS and people who help us! If you would like to send a message for me to post please do! Anything we can do to bring cheer and a smile, we would love to see it!
On that note, I have decided that this week I would set you 5 challenges (as well as the suggested activities).
The first challenge is to make a rainbow picture/poster to display in your windows at home. This is a challenge being set around the country to show support for the NHS and key workers! If you have already created a rainbow, can you make a card (to post) for someone you are thinking about. Please send pictures so I can share them on next weeks blog!
The next challenge is- every morning can you and your family dance to "shake your sillies out" workout on Youtube- 
Shake your sillies out
Or simply dance to some music to start your day with fun, laughter and some exercise!
Challenge number 3- help your mums and dads out by getting dressed by yourself every morning! That means having a go at putting your socks on by yourself! I know from being in apple class a lot of you find this tricky.
Challenge 4- Can you help out with a household chore every day? Help to hang out the washing, tidy your toys or  help to wash up! I need photographic evidence mums and dads!
Challenge 5- when you're out and about for your 1 piece of exercise per day, can you spot some signs of Spring? Lambs in the field, flowers growing, sunshine etc.
As we are in the middle of Spring time, it has all been go go go on Amy's (our teaching assistant) family farm! Lots of lambs have already been born (about 150) and there are still more to come. There are about 300/350 that need to give birth and most are giving birth to twins/triplets.... that's a lot of lambs! Amy has informed me that the twin sheep Tiny Tim and Tiny Tom are doing great and live up to their names as they really are tiny! See the pictures and videos attached below.
Now, don't forget that there is no pressure to stick to a learning schedule and whatever you're doing, you're doing a fantastic job! But, here are some suggested daily activities to keep your little ones busy to go alongside your packs. This week has a Spring theme, Enjoy!
Monday: Have a go at some observational drawing/painting of Spring flowers
Tuesday: Can you make a repeating pattern using loose parts (objects/toys etc) from around the house or flowers from the garden? For example, flower, stone, flower stone, flower stone. Or, fork, spoon, fork, spoon etc.
Wednesday: Make a musical shaker! You could use a milk carton or a plastic bottle filled with  pebbles, dried beans etc.
Thursday: If it is a sunny day why not have a go at drawing around shadows! Lay some of your favourite toys on the ground and draw around their shadow. 
Friday: Can you create a picture all about animals we see in Spring?- lambs, frogs, chicks etc.
Have fun and don't forget- read stories, count lots , draw pictures, laugh and have FUN!
Please keep sending me all of your amazing pictures!
Have a great week, stay safe- Miss Freeman