Corona virus closure- Blog week 3- Easter holidays 6th April

Welcome back to apple HQ everyone,
I hope you have all had a great week and are continuing to enjoy some of my suggested activities and challenges too. As always I have loved seeing your pictures and videos. They are amazing so keep them coming!
 Your 5 challenges over Easter are:
1.  Help to make breakfast for a family member- maybe something using eggs in keeping with the Easter theme
2. Read a story every morning when you wake up and every night before bed time
3. Find out what Easter means to Christians
4. Make a bunny picture to stick up in your window to celebrate Easter
5. Flower pressing- see step by step visual instructions below
As it is the Easter holidays this week and next, I will be suggesting more fun crafty activities to help you all celebrate at home. 
Monday: Can you design an Easter egg? I have attached a blank template below so send me your designs to add to our gallery.
Tuesday: Can you make an Easter card to send to someone you care for? A family member? A friend?
Wednesday: Why not make an Easter bonnet? See some pictures attached below for inspiration. Be creative! I'd love to see some pictures of you wearing yours.
Thursday: A common favourite Easter activity is to make chocolate nests. They are delicious!  Enjoy!
Friday: Why not have an Easter egg hunt in the garden? Mums and dads you can draw some lovely Easter pictures and hide them around the garden for your little one to find! 
As well as all of this Easter fun.... Swansfield Park are holding a Eggtraordinary Eggtravaganza competition and there are prizes to be won! See the poster attached below.
We want children to get creative and decorate an egg, make an Easter bonnet or an Easter Garden
then take a photo of it and send it in (to either myself or Mrs Smith). Mrs Smith then wants to add it to the virtual gallery.
All entries need must be in by 13th April and they must have your first name and class on so that they can be judged.
So come on Apple Class - lets get creative! 
Have a great Easter break (as best you can) and as always, if you need any support with any learning or accessing resources please let me know and I am happy to help you as best I can.
Take care- Miss F
Belle and Billy stay at home chapter 2- Enjoy
As well as the Belle and Billy story, this is another story to help explain Corona Virus to your little ones.