Corona virus closure- Blog week 8- wb 11th May

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WOW week 8, keep going everybody you're doing a super job! I hope you're enjoying our mini beast topic and have enjoyed the different activities suggested so far. As is our usual routine, I have 5 suggested challenges and 5 activities to work on during the week. Enjoy!
Your 5 challenges this week are:
-Keep practicing to write your name- work on pencil grip, accurate letter formation and sounds in your name
-Do you have any cardboard boxes in the house? Can you make an amazing cardboard creation? It could be a pirate ship, a castle, a tractor, an animal and soooo much more. I would love to see pictures!
-Can you make some props to help you sing some familiar nursery rhymes or songs? - e.g. Incy wincy spider, there's a worm at the bottom of the garden.
-Using your mini beast stones from Monday's activity can you play noughts and crosses? See picture attached to show you how!
-Can you make your own number line to 10 or 20 and use objects to represent each number? For example, 2 coins to represent number 2 or a 10p piece for number 10. You could use a dice to represent numbers 1-6 or a picture of a spider to represent number 8. See pictures attached for ideas.
Monday: Can you decorate your own mini beast stones? See the pictures attached for ideas. Once made, you could hide them in your garden and ask a family member to hunt them out! What a great game!
Tuesday: This week our mathematical vocabulary focus is heavy and light. Can you explore the house and gather together some items/toys that are heavy and some that are light. Could you use scales to weight them? Which is the heaviest? Which is the lightest? It is important to talk to your child about the difference between heavy/light and big/small. There is often a misconception with little ones that bigger items are heavy and small ones are light.
Wednesday: Making marks in Nursery is such an important pre-writing skill! Can you get outside (or in the house if it's wet) and make some marks? You could put some paper, card or old wallpaper on the floor and use mud to make a picture, use paint, use pens, use sticks, use grass and paint, stones, your feet or hands and so much more. Getting messy is the fun part and reminds your child that making a mess is okay and making mistakes in work is okay. Getting messy will also keep your child engaged and show them that making marks is FUN! I would love to see pictures of you getting messy and creative!
Thursday: Before lock down Nursery had a bit of a revamp to incorporate lots more loose parts (loose parts are any objects from stones/gems to milk lids, buttons, pine cones and curtain rings). Loose parts are used to stimulate creative thinking and allow for a wider range of learning opportunities. Can you use loose parts to create your own mini beasts? See pictures attached for ideas.
Friday: Can you sort the mini beasts into categories?-Suggestions for categories- "has got legs" and "has not got legs" or "has got wings" and "has not got wings". You can use the worksheet attached, pictures of mini beasts or draw and create your own.
This weeks star of the week is Adam McRoberts! A big well done and a certificate will be on its way to you. 
As well as star of the week I am going to be doing some "shout outs" for some super learning I've seen or heard about. This weeks shout outs are to:
Ayva for making fantastic butterfly wings-they are gorgeous!
Eliza for making a super sound video!
Harrison for perfecting his name writing!
Holly, Noah and Libby for retelling our super story The Very Hungry Caterpillar!
Ruby for making a gorgeous butterfly sun catcher!
Sophia for learning to play the recorder- amazing!
Willow for making a super repeating pattern caterpillar!
Katy, William and Amy for having a go at the skittles experiment!
Rudy for getting stuck into mark making!
Henry for creating a butterfly masterpiece!
Oliver for making some fantastic Lego models!
Wilf for making super posters and decorations for VE day!
Stay tuned next week for more super shout outs. Remember everyone is doing an amazing job!
Things to look at this week:
-Read chapter 7 of Belle and Billy stay at home
-Have a look at week 8 of suggestions for learning from Northumberland County Council
- Have a listen to one of my favourite mini beast books- Mad about Mini beasts by Giles Andreas and David Wojtowycz. Follow this link to listen: 
- Have a look at the Cbeebies website to see lots of useful videos all about mini beasts. Follow this link:
As always, remember that this is suggested activity.  Do what you can, when you can and stay happy and healthy. 
Sending you all my very best wishes  and don't forget to let me know if I can support you any further.
Take care- Miss F