Corona virus closure- Blog week 9- wb 18th May

I'd just like to start by saying a massive thank you to everyone for making such an effort in supporting home learning during lockdown! You're all incredible and it must be really tough balancing lots at home as well as learning. I have really enjoyed all the pictures you have sent in and seeing what fabulous learning has been taken place at home. Well done all!
Just a reminder that it is half term next week therefore there will not be a blog uploaded for home learning activities on Monday. However, we would like you to have lots of fun and join in with the Swansfield Art Competition! Mrs Smith (in Willow class) has created a leaflet, this is attached below, with all the categories and information on that you will need. We are having our own school art competition as Alnwick in bloom has been cancelled this year, due to COVID 19. All entries to be emailed to Mrs Smith ( by Wednesday the 3rd of June. 
Okay, on with the week!
Your 5 challenges this week are:
-Can you make a nature bracelet? See the picture attached below for inspiration
-To support letter recognition, freeze letters and get your little ones to break them free! This is a great way of making learning fun and exciting- see picture attached
-Have fun whilst learning about shadows! Line up your toys and draw around their shadows. Talk to your little one about why the shadows are there- see picture attached
-Can you build a bridge using natural materials? I would love to see pictures!
-Can you learn a joke? Help your little one learn a new joke to make someone in your family laugh! I would love to hear your jokes!
Monday: Can you make a work observatory? Every year when we learn about mini beasts, the children LOVE digging and searching for worms! Why not make your own observatory like the one in the picture below. You will need a jar, vase or clear tub, some soil (ensure the soil is slightly damp) and some sand. Simply layer the soil and sand and then place the worms on the top with some food (tiny chopped carrots, celery or apples). Put the lid on your jar (make sure the lid has small air holes) and let the worms do their magic!
Tuesday: You can play lots of games with your mini beast stones, including a great maths game using a tens frame (if you don't have enough mini beast stones you could use anything from around the house like milk tops or buttons). See the picture attached to show you what a tens frame looks like. The aim of the game is to fill your tens frame first! To play- roll a dice and add your stones or counters to the tens frame. Who can fill it up the fastest? This is a quick game and means that if your child struggles to concentrate, it is over quick and they see fast results. A fab way to quickly engage your child with maths.
Wednesday: Time to get creative! Now you have learnt more about mini beasts can you create a garden picture? In your picture I would like you to include 5 minibeasts in their habitats (e.g. worms underground, bees in a hive, millipedes under rocks).  Your pictures can be painted, or drawn.
Thursday: Have a look around the house and garden for 10 items... can you organise your finds by colour? Last week we organised mini beasts into 2 groups (wings/no wings) and this week it would be great if you could organise by colour (multiple groups). If an object has more than one colour,  get your little one to choose its colour group and give a reason why.
Friday: Using the worksheet attached (or create your own by drawing your own ladybirds) add the correct amount of black fingerprints (as spots) to the ladybirds back. Have fun and get counting! Challenge your little ones by asking: how many would there be if you add one more fingerprint? how many spots would there be if we had one less?
Well done to Apple class star of the week Henry McArdle! A certificate is on its way to you.
Shout outs this week are for.....
-Emily H for making a super cardboard castle
-Sophia for making a super cardboard snowman and house with a garden
-Ruby for making a fab cardboard car
-Danny for making an amazing cardboard robot
-Katy for making a perfect cardboard pizza
-Rudy for trying his best to engage with numbers
-Harrison for practicing his pencil control and scissor skills 
-William for making a super number line using lots of materials from the garden
-Charlotte, Katy, Henry, Ruby and William for exploring weight around the house
-Willow, Holly, Charlotte and Henry for making super mini beasts using loose parts
-Holly for creating a colourful, creative and fantastic self portrait in the garden
-Jaxon for being so thoughtful and making a super animal shelter and creating a super dinosaur world
-Libby for learning how to play noughts and crosses with her family
-Adam for working really hard with his pencil control
-Jack E for perfecting his scissor skills
Things to remember this week:
-Read chapter 8 of Belle and Billy stay at home
-Have a look at week 9 of Northumberland County Council's home learning ideas
I  hope you all have a very enjoyable half term. Remember the Swansfield Art Competition, we would love a winner for the Early Years category to come from Apple Class! 
Stay safe and well- Miss F