Corona virus closure- Week 1

Hello Sycamore,

Welcome to our weekly blog!

I hope you are all well and behaving. 


As we talked about last week, every Monday I will post a message to explain what tasks I would like you to complete. This will include a set of spellings, a selection of activities for Maths and English as well as a reminder about accessing Times Tables Rock Stars.  I will also include some Science, Computing and Humanities activities to add a bit of variety for you.

If you find that you’ve completed all of the allocated activities and you would still like to be getting on with something, there will be a list of my ‘highly recommended’ online resources on our class page along with some project ideas.

Please get in touch via e-mail if you have any suggestions for our ‘Sycamore Class Recommendations’ page, it would be great to hear from you and I’m sure the other members of our class would like to hear what you’ve been up to as well.

This week, I would like you to work your way through the following activities:


- Reading Comprehension: King Henry VII- Don't forget to answer using full sentences.

- SPaG: Identify and use subordinating conjunctions. After you complete the sheet create a poster with the subordinate conjunctions to help you remember them.

 - Writing: Uplevelling sentences- Living in Technicolour (both sheets) and a the creative writing task of writing a film review. Challenge can you use a colon in your writing.

Year 5 Spellings: Please look up the definitions of the following words and then write a sentence using each word, correctly and in context:









It would be great if someone could then test you on your spellings each week. Remember to keep a record of your scores and challenge yourself to do the best you can!

Please remember that you should also be reading every day: newspapers, magazines, online articles,,, read, read, read Sycamore Class!



Year 5

- Maths Booklet: Multiplication and Division

  Page 1 & 2: Common Factors

  Page 3:  Prime Factors

  Page 4: Identifying Prime numbers


- Big Maths: 1st skill check

- Arithmetic Booklet: Page 1 (Ur Brainy)

- Schofield and Sims Book: Next two pages in your book.

- Times Table Rock Stars


Keep researching Crime and Punishment for our Tudor projects


Please remember to date each of these pieces of work and ensure that you complete it using a clear, neat handwriting style.

Please contact me using the following e-mail address if you have any questions or queries:

Take care everyone, work hard and keep smiling! I'll be in touch again soon...

Miss B

Just a little update!
I have created a Google classroom for us where we can post messages to help each other and share other activities we have been doing while staying safe and inside. Your invite has been sent to your School360 address. Any problems just let me know.
Miss B