Corona Virus closure- Week 2 (30.3.20)

Hello Sycamore Class!

I hope you are all safe and well. It was lovely to see a few of you join our Google classroom. It is a great place to help each other and also watch out for extra fun tasks. Remember, if you need any help with your home learning tasks or have any queries, just send me an email using your school360 account:

Its great logging into Times Table Rock Stars to see a lot of you logging on daily. I will keep checking and awarding School360 points every day you log in. 


This week we have some science and history to your work. 

This week I would like you to work through the following activities:


Reading Comprehensions: please answer using full sentences.

- The Battle of Bosworth 


- SPAG  Mats 1, 2 and 3. 

Uplevelling Sentences:

Tiny Turtle's Huge Journey

Creative Writing Task:

The Titanic. Have some fun by creating your own drama scene pretending you are a member of the crew onboard the Titanic after it struck an iceberg. 

Challenge: To use and Outside (Inside sentence). Bravely., I jumped off the deck to help the screaming woman (inside I was trembling with fear). 

LitFilm Fest Challenge: 

We do love taking part in a LitFilm lesson.Watch this link 

To help you write a Lockdown diary and film yourself everyday. Feel free to share these videos with me I would love to see them. 

Spellings: Please look up the definitions of the following words and then write a sentence using each word, correctly and in context:









It would be great if someone could then test you on your spellings each week. Once you have completed your test drop me a message with your score, I will award 360 points for everyone that does.

 Reading: Please remember that you should also be reading every day: newspapers, magazines, online articles, recipes... read, read, read Sycamore Class!


Maths :

Before you complete the page about Prime numbers get up and moving with this video clip from Super Movers-

Page 8: Prime numbers 


Before you move onto Long Multiplication remind yourself of the steps by reading BBC Bitesize and watching this video

 Then complete 

Page 9: 3 digit x 2 digit

Page 10 4 digit x 2 digit

Page 11: Multiplication grids.

Now you can get started with the activities in your Maths Booklets:

Big Maths: Next Skills Check  (one side)

Schofield and Sims Book: Next two pages in your book, totalling four completed pages to date.

Times Table Rock Stars: Studio Challenge - 6 games.



One of our favourite lessons. After researching Charles Darwin for our English unit we already know he is known as the 'Father of Evolution' It's now time to find out more. 

This week we are going to investigate inheritance.  Use the worksheet I have uploaded to help you spot what characteristics you inherited from your parents and how you vary.  Then create a poster, riddle, poem, Powerpoint or Adobe Spark and share it with me by Monday 6th April.

Using your School360 email accounts, (found on your school360 homepage in the shape of an envelope), email me a photograph or a copy of your finished work and I will then create an online gallery on the school website to showcase some of your fantastic, creative ideas: 


PE lessons

I hope you have all been enjoying PE with Joe Wicks as much as I have. It is great to keep the body moving and have fun at the same time. This week I would like it if you took part in one and then sent me a picture of you in action. 



Lets investigate Tudor life follow this link to the Museum of London and use your detective skills to answer the question about the different object. Then drop me a message at telling me 3 interesting facts you have learnt about Tudor London.  

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Watch out for other fun challenges like the Lego challenge on our Google Classroom. 


Stay safe!

Miss B