Corona Virus closure- Week 6 (11.5.20)

Sycamore Class Weekly Blog – Week 6

First, I would like to say ‘Well done!!!’ all of you that took part in our Battle of the Bands Tournament against Maple class. I have awarded school360 points to everyone that took part with a few more for our Top Five contributors. I think we will have to challenge another class soon, any suggestions on which KS2 class we should challenge?

Last week’s ‘Star of the Week’ certificate was awarded to Nicole. I have been so impressed with your work and creativity in the St George’s Day drama and your French Cafe. Keep up the fantastic work Nicole!

This week’s Home Learning is similar to previous weeks. In English, it is your final week exploring poetry, I have been really impressed and thoroughly enjoyed reading the poems you have written. You also have a list of new spellings to learn this week. For Maths, we are moving onto fractions, Schofield and Sims and TTRS. Finally, we are going to make a start on our new History Topic World War II.  

Work to submit this week:

This week, I would like you to submit your equivalent fractions work and your English World War Two poem by Monday 18th May. Please send them using your School360 address to mine.

Don’t forget if you have any questions to drop me a message or why not make a post on our Google classroom so your classmates can help too.

Remember you do not have to print anything, just use paper to jot down your answers. 


I have been very impressed with your poetry work so we are going to move onto Blitz poetry.  We will be investigating 3 poems about World War II. Just like the last 2 weeks, there are 3 PowerPoints to work through. Once you have explored all 3 poems, you will move onto the writing challenge- submitted task. Make sure you send me a copy.

Lesson 1-You are going to start by exploring pictures from the Blitz and doing a little research about it.  This website is a great place to start.

This will help you understand what was happening. Then you will move onto exploring the features in Rescue, 1940 (A poem for Sarah).

Lesson 2- In this lesson we are investigating the poem That night of death. After identifying the different features, it is time to investigate what this poem tells us about that night. Remember it won’t always be obvious.  

Lesson 3-  In this lesson we are going to investigate the poem Black Saturday. After you have read and identified the features it is time to write a short diary entry pretending to be Len Smith.

Writing Lesson- Submitted task

Now we have investigated a variety of poems it is time to write one yourself. You are going to write a poem based around World War Two. You can either write a poem based on the Blitz, as we have looked at this week or write one about the soldiers’ experience fighting in the war. Once you are happy with it send a copy to :


This week we are investigating spellings with the ‘ough’ sound. Remember to look up the definition of each word and practise using them by writing them in sentences and using them in your day-to-day conversation. If you can ask someone at home to test you on these words, don’t forget to drop me a message with your scores.










This week in maths we are moving onto fractions as well as a TTRockstar session and 2 more pages of your Schofield and Sims. You have 3 lessons where you will remind yourself what a fraction is, how to find and create equivalent fractions and converting improper fractions and mixed numbers. Make sure you have some paper handy and complete the examples, like we do using whiteboards in class. I have also uploaded a fractions knowledge organiser to help you.

Lesson 2 is your submitted task- remember you don’t need to print off the sheet, just write the answers on paper and send me a picture.

Lesson 1- What is a fraction?

Work through the PowerPoint to remind yourself about the vocabulary and what a fraction is.

Lesson 2- Submitted task Equivalent fractions

Work through the examples in the PowerPoint. Then complete the worksheet. Remember you don’t need to print the work sheet just copy it onto a piece of paper and then send me a copy so I can give you some personal feedback.

Lesson 3 –Improper fractions and Mixed numbers.

Work through the examples in the PowerPoint. Don’t forget to drop me a message if you need any help.

TTRockstar- 10 Garage sessions

Schofield and Sims- Complete 2 more pages

Try not to leave any gaps, if you are stuck on a questions send me a picture or a message telling me what the question is so I can help you.

History- How did World War II start?

Our new topic this term is World War II. We are going to start by listening to Neville Chamberlain, the Prime Minister at the time, announce that Britain is at war.

Moving on we are going to investigate which countries were involved and if they were part of allies or axis countries.

To show your learning you are going to create a poster/presentation showing the leaders of the axis and allies countries. You can do this on paper or digitally. This can be PowerPoint, Google slide, a short film or Adobe Spark.

If you would like to use Adobe Spark check our Google classroom where I will share our class log in and password.