Corona Virus Closure-Week 5 (4.5.20)

Sycamore Week 5 class Blog

Hi Sycamore Class!

I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend and enjoyed some exercise and fresh air.

I have really enjoyed receiving your poems and had a great time guessing the items. I can see how well you are all progressing in the home learning tasks. It is important that you ALL keep completing the tasks that are set in the blog.

Last week’s ‘Star of the Week’ certificate was awarded to Dylan for his fantastic work that he has submitted since our school closure. I have been so impressed that you are still practising and improving the skills we have learnt so far in Year 5. Keep up the amazing work!

This week in our home learning we will be continuing our poetry work with a variety of reading and writing challenges. I have also uploaded the PowerPoints to our Google classroom for you. For maths, you have Big Maths, Schofield and Sims, Division and MOST importantly a TTRockstar job. This week, Maple have challenged us to a Battle of the Bands. Let’s show them that Sycamore Class are the Times Table champions!!! I have also set you a History and Science task.

Remember to keep in touch and if you need ANY help, just drop me an email using your School360 account. 

Work to submit this week:

This week we would like you to submit: History Newspaper article telling me what happened on VE day and English animal poem by Monday 11th May. I will then give you each some personal feedback.  


Poetry Unit: This week you are all going to be completing the same work, investigating different poems and then producing your own poem about an animal, using word banks. You need to complete the lessons in the following order, they have been numbered to help you:

1)     The Brook

2)    A Case of Murder

Ideally, you need to print off the poems so you can highlight and write on the sheet, you will also need a couple of blank sheets for you to write on. You then just need to follow the PowerPoints through as they talk you through each poem and give you tasks to complete. They should be fairly straightforward but please do email me if you have any problems or questions. I have included a poetry terms help sheet, there are far more on there than you need but it will help to remind you of any words you have forgotten the meaning of! 

Writing Task- Make sure you submit this: This week you need to have a look through the animal word banks and choose one of them to use to help you write a poem. You must use all of the words in your chosen word bank at some point in your poem, the idea is that it helps to get you started with writing your poem. For example, if you choose the crocodile word bank, you would have the following words:

Crocodile Slithers Growls
Scales Jaws Teeth
Flicking Ground Lurking
Glides Head
Seizes Deadly
So your opening line could be:  The deadly crocodile sits on the river bank, waiting for its prey…

The idea is that you use the words as part of your poem about your chosen animal, you can use the words more than once if you need to and not every line in your poem has to contain one of your given words. However, by the end of your poem, you must have used all of the words. I would like your poems to be beautifully presented, as creatively as you can!

Spellings: Please look up the definitions of the following words and then write a sentence using each word, correctly and in context:









It would be great if someone could then test you on your spellings each week. Remember to keep a record of your scores and challenge yourself to do the best you can!

Reading: Please remember that you should also be reading every day: newspapers, magazines, online articles, read, read, read Sycamore Class!


Task 1-

You all did so well on your division tasks so let’s move our division skills onto word problems. Before you complete the independent activities please work through the Maths PowerPoints. These are just like the input we would complete in class, you don’t have to print them, you can record you answers on a piece of paper or have a discussion with your family. Then complete p 20 and 21 in your Multiplication and division workbook. 

Task 2- Your next Big Maths sheet.

Task 3- Schofield and Sims please complete the next 2 pages.

Task 4- TTRockstars Battle of the Bands. We HAVE to beat Maple so please complete as many games as you can! 


This week we are moving on to investigating fossils. Read through the PowerPoint completing the tasks and then choosing one of the fossils

  •        Draw a diagram of your fossil (pencil and ruler)
  •        Describe it in detail.
  •        Does it look like anything that is alive today? How? What are the similarities and  differences between your fossil and what we have alive today?

History- VE Day- Submitted task

In the coming week VE day (or Victory in Europe) takes place. Do some research/ write a newspaper article or create a PowerPoint which presents what happened, why it happened, what was so significant about it. There is lots of information on the website below that you can use.

Bonus VE Day celebration ideas:

As you will find out from your research VE Day (Victory in Europe Day) is the day on which Allied forces formally announced the surrender of Germany, which brought the Second World War to a close in Europe. The Royal British Legion are calling on the nation to help mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day from their homes this Friday by decorating them red, white and blue.

Why not take part in this special event by:

- Creating and displaying some bunting

- Designing and displaying a flag or even a celebratory poster

- Planning and helping to make a family picnic

- Finding some WWII recipes and making a cake for an afternoon tea celebration

- any of your other fabulous ideas...

Have fun and remember to send me some photographs of how you and your family are celebrating this special day.