Corona Virus Closure - Easter holidays (6th April)

Please email us photos of what your child is getting up to and we can add these to the blog each week. This is a way for your child to see what their friends are doing and gives them something different to look at each week. 
Hi Pear class and welcome to a new week. As its the Easter holidays we've been thinking for this weeks activities we're going to get our 'crafty creative' hats on! So we've added lots of fun and different activities for you to do. 
Herby's craft ideas
1:Can you create a map for an egg hunt around the garden?
2: Can you create an Easter bunny rabbit picture using recycled toilet rolls?
3: Can you construct using any materials you can find, an Easter animal, object or symbol(a lamb, chick, egg, nest etc)?
Eggtraordinary  Eggtravaganza
Swansfield Park Primary's virtual Easter Competition 
Prizes to be won!! 
This will be your main activity and focus for over the Easter holidays. 
We want children to get creative and decorate an egg, make an Easter bonnet or an Easter Garden
then take a photo of it and send it in (email it straight to Mrs Smith). Mrs Smith then wants to add it to the virtual gallery. More information on this is on a poster attached. 
All entries need to be in by the 13th April and must have your child's first name and class on so that they can be judged. There will be prizes!
So come on Pear Class - lets get creative! We want to see lots of entries for Pear Class. 
Another Easter Story Clip - A little bit of Religious Studies
Can your child have a go at answering these questions? 
1. What special name is given to the day Jesus died?
2. What was used to close Jesus' tomb? 
3. Who did Mary see whilst she was crying?
4. What do Christians like to remember at Easter? 
I've attached a PDF document of some 'scavenger hunts' for the whole family to enjoy over the Easter holidays. Print it off (if you can) and have a go! 
Every week during assembly time Mrs Smith will focus her assembly around 'Picture News.' This is a weekly current picture that focuses on something very relevant. Each week we will share this with you (see attached below). It will come with weekly vocabulary to say with with your child along with additional resources that you may like to print off. 
French or Spanish? If you clink of the link below and scroll to the bottom of the page there are many resources for you to print off for your child to colour and watch little dances which are in french and Spanish. Why not give yourself a little challenge over the Eater holidays? 
Stay safe everyone 
Miss Whitlow and Mrs Horne-Smith