Corona Virus Closure - Plum Class Work

Hi there,
This is our general page of information that you might find useful over the coming weeks, I will add to it as I find more.
Joe Wicks will be hosting a kids PE session at 9.00am every morning.  This can be a great way to get your day started and you'll find it on his you tube channel. 
This website is great for phonic games.  I recommend that Reception children work on phase 3 and phase 4 and our Year 1 children work on phase 4 and phase 5.  I particularly like yes/no silly questions game and buried treasure, picnic on Pluto is fun too!
 Go to maths games.  Here, my favourites are whack a mole, counting caterpillar and load arranger. 
The author Oliver Jeffers will be reading one of his stories every evening at 6pm - check out his web page for more details. 
This is the planning that we use for our maths in school and will have some great activities that you can engage with at home
Along side all of these...
Build with lego, make models and dens, cook together, play board games, do jigsaws, sing songs and read, read, read!
Enjoy! Drop me an email if you find anything that you think we could all enjoy!
Mrs G