Corona Virus Closure - Week 2 (30th March)

Hi Pear Class and welcome to a new week.
We hope you're all keeping well and staying safe! How has this week's learning gone? What have you been up to? Has anyone done any baking this week? Miss Whitlow made yummy cheese and chive scones for her family on Wednesday afternoon! Has anyone learnt a new song or dance? Has anyone drawn a  rainbow and put it onto your window to thank the NHS for their brilliant care and to make others smile as they walk past? This week the new window challenge is a sun so can you create a huge sun to brighten up people's days as they walk by?
We hope you are all keeping very busy and active (in the house!) Please share with us the sorts of things you are getting up to! We'd love to know and to see photos so that we can add them onto each week's blog. 
We'd love to know, so please share your learning with us. 
We can be contacted via email:
Everyday in Pear class we say together the day of the week and the full date. We also look from the window outside at the weather. Maybe this is something you can do together every morning before you start your day. 
 Reading and Sounds 
Keep practicing recognising words in the green book. Are there are sounds or words your child doesn't know? Place them on a wall or garden fence outside, get your child to spray them with water each time you shout out a word or sound. You could even use a fly squatter, if you have one, to splat each sound or word. 
 For our number work this week we are thinking about subtraction (take away) and one less. We are thinking about numbers up to 20. 
How many subtraction stories can your child make and write with objects in the house? For example if I'm playing with cars and I line up 12, what happens when I take away 3? Can your child write down the subtraction story? (12 - 3 = 9)
See how creative you can be.. As it is almost Easter can you count all your eggs and then eat some and write down the story? 
Remember you can turn any learning into a game: one idea this week is to have a mystery box. Let your child put some toys into the box - count how many is in the box, child to shut their eyes and you take some toys out. How many are left inside the box? Questions to ask - how many toys did we start with? (write this down) how many did I take out? (that comes next in the story) and how many is still left inside the box? (that's the answer)
For one less, can your child count a certain amount of toys (up to 20) and state one less than the given number (one less than 17 is 16) (one less than 12 is 11) 
Number Resources
If you have access to a printer you may like to print off some of these resources from this website below
Still staying with Easter and Spring this week. We'd like you to watch the video below of a simple representation of the Easter story and then to try and sequence it. What happened first? What happened next? Who are the characters? 
The Easter Story 
As we are in the middle of Spring time, it has all been go go go on Amy's (Apple's teaching assistant) family farm! Lots of lambs have already been born (about 150) and there are still more to come. There are about 300/350 that need to give birth and most are giving birth to twins/triplets.... that's a lot of lambs! See the videos attached. I wonder who can write down some words to describe the lambs! Can you draw a farm this week? What animals would you include on your farm? Can you label your farm with the animals that you've included. Remember to use your fred fingers to help you sounds out each animal. 
We also have a secret to share with you.....
Herby the heart bear managed to make his way into Mrs Horne-smith's bag!!!! He has told us that he would like to set you all three challenges to complete each week and for those children who send us pictures of these challenges in action, you can request that Herby has a picture doing whatever you would like him to do! He could be watching tv, playing on a bike, having a bath - send him your best challenge pictures and you get to choose!
Challenge one: Easter is nearly here - can you do some baking and write the instructions using your green and red words? You may need to discuss with whoever is looking after you what an 'instruction' means. Send us your picture of your yummy goods and the instructions so we can try it for ourselves! Remember careful letters and finger spaces between your words.
Challenge two: Can you make a repeating pattern? Use whatever materials you like -Herby has chosen to use lego and I am sure most of you will have things around your house to do this! Can you tell your mummy and daddy which colour comes next in Herby's patterns?
Challenge three: Get your bubble on! Herby challenges you to a bubble experiment! Can you make your own bubbles using some washing up liquid and water and see what shapes you can create using kitchen utensils?  
Can you create big and small bubbles- do different items change the size of your bubbles?
How gently do you need to blow to make your bubbles larger, but if you blow quickly do they pop?
what shapes can you see?
Can you add food colouring to the water to make different coloured bubbles?
Can you follow the bubbles around the garden and jump up and catch them?
 Here are some links to songs we sing and dance to everyday in Pear Class. Have a go at dancing s a family, in Pear class we do them every day!
Wake up, shake up 
Shake your sillies out
Dough disco (to be sang with some play dough in hands!)
Walking in the jungle 
  Enjoy your week and remember to send us any pictures or work so that we can share them on the blog and so that we can complete your #Herby the Heart bear picture requests!
stay safe,
The Pear class team