Coronavirus Closure - Information for Parents

General Information for Parents
Updated 23rd March - daily structure suggestion
Updated 24th March - Top Tips for Parents
Update 7th April - free e-book explaining coronavirus to children
Hello all, it's Mr J here.
Hope you are all well. You should all have your Oak Class home learning pack by now (please let me know if you haven't). I've tried to put together as many activities as I can for you to use with your child during our enforced closure. As we do not yet know when schools will reopen, I've suggested the children complete one English (single-sided) and one maths activity (double-sided) from the pack a day, rather than blasting their way through the whole lot as quickly as they can! There are also some ideas in the pack that can be used at any time.
I will post a message every Monday (and hopefully more often) giving a rundown of what I would recommend the children look at over the week. Please be flexible with this guidance - due to the unsettling nature of the situation, there may be days when your child is feeling stressed or anxious. The last thing you need on days like these would be arguments over work, so in these instances I would recommend choosing an activity that would calm them and make them feel safe. Here are some suggestions, taken  from the letter we sent out with your pack (there's a copy of the letter below if you've lost it):
  • Read, read, read! 
  • Teach your child to sew or knit.
  • Draw and paint.
  • Colour in.
  • Do a jigsaw puzzle.
  • Build a fort out of cushions and blankets, then cuddle up and read in it with your child.
  • Let them help to cook: weighing ingredients is a great way to apply maths skills.
  • Dance to videos like 'Just Dance' on YouTube.
  • Sing some songs.
  • Keep a diary or make a scrapbook.
  • Write or record a review about a film or TV programme they have seen, or a book they have read.
  • Build something awesome out of Lego or junk.
  • Keep active and exercise!
  • Carry out an experiment (
  • Do a bit of gardening.
I will also add a list of online resources that I will keep updated for you.
If you need to contact me to clarify any of this, reset any passwords or suggest ways of helping your child with anything specific, please drop me an e-mail:
I'll be responding to e-mails between 8.30 and 4, Monday to Friday.
Take care and I hope to see you all soon,
Mr J
PS - Here's some advice on how to help children cope with life without school, from the BBC
Update - 23rd March
I've had a question about how best to keep some structure for children at home. I don't have the definitive answer but I've tried to put together a suggested timetable if you want to use it. You can download it below.
Mr J's Top Tips for Parents
(of a light-hearted nature)
1. Feeling guilty about your children watching too much TV during the lockdown? Simply mute it and put the subtitles on. Boom. Now they're reading.
2. Let your children get bored, Then, anything you suggest they do will seem exciting. #housework101
3. Sleeping Lions is an excellent game to play if you need some quiet time. When they ask why they're never out, tell them that they're just too good at the game.
4. Encourage your children to practise their still-life drawing skills by having a nap on the sofa and getting them to draw you.
5. Designate an area of the house as the Staff Room, an adults-only area where you can escape for a cuppa or a little scream.
Update: 7th April
Hi everyone, hope you're all keeping well.
I just thought I'd share with you a free e-book released by Nosy Crow that explains the coronavirus and the measures taken to control it. It is aimed at primary school children.
You can find the book and some more information about it here:
Or you can download a copy below.