Coronavirus Closure - Larch Class Recommendations

 Updated 24.03.20 - Websites to support learning in Humanities (The Tudors) and Science (Evolution and Inheritance / Experimenting and Investigating) added to list. 

Updated 25.03.20 - Details of further websites uploaded to support children's learning, mindfulness and well-being. 

During our school closure, I will keep updating this page with recommended websites and activities.

If there is a website or activity that you have particularly enjoyed, send me an e-mail to tell me all about it and I can add it to this page for everyone else to enjoy: 


Mrs Murdy's Recommendations:


White Rose Maths

Keep those maths brains ticking kids and get problem solving each day, you are fabulous at reasoning and explaining in maths!


Gareth Metcalfe - I See Maths 'Interactive Lessons'

Take part in an interactive maths lesson each day and put your mastery skills to the test. These fabulous lessons will cover all areas of the maths curriculum, providing you with endless opportunities to make mathematical connections whilst also explaining and reasoning.


English (Reading):


Reading, investigating text and activities.... Lets read, read, read Larch Class!


Elevenses with The World of David Walliams

Grab a snack & get cozy for the next 20 minutes. At 11am every day, sit back and listen to David Walliams read some of his hilarious stories.


History - The Tudors (Our current History Topic)

BBC Bitesize has 18 class clips to help you learn those all important facts about the Tudors. 


Science - Evolution (Our next Science Topic)

A great page for you to read through and help you understand evolution.


Science - Investigating and Experimenting!

A great selection of simple investigations and experiments to fuel those curious minds.


PE / Exercise:

Body Coach TV

Starting Monday 23rd March at 9am, Joe Wicks will be hosting a free workout aimed at kids LIVE on his YouTube channel. There are also other kids workouts on his YouTube channel to keep you fit and healthy.


General Resources: 

National Geographic Kids

This site offers free online games, resources and competitions and covers a wide range of subjects: History, Science, Geography, English, Maths, Art & Design and PSHE. Something to interest all of you.


The Great Indoors

For those rainy days, the Scouts and Bear Grylls have developed the Great Indoors. A collection of inspiring indoor activities. Keep learning and having fun whilst at home!


BBC Teach - Super Movers
Fun curriculum linked resources to get you up and moving whilst learning.