Coronavirus Closure - Weeks 3 & 4 Blog (6th April)

Note for parents: If you haven't been in touch yet, please drop me an e-mail so that I know you are able to access these activities. 

Hello again!

Updated 7th April

I hope you are all fit and well on what should have been the first day of the Easter holidays! First of all, a huge ‘well done’ for the effort you put in during last week’s TTRockstars competition. Here is the final result... (drum roll, please)...

Beech Class scored 5745 points.

Oak Class scored 5963 points.

Congratulations to Oak Class (and a great effort from Beech).

As promised, everyone who took part has received 5 School 360 points. In addition, I have awarded 5 bonus School 360 points to everyone who scored over 100 points in the competition AND an extra 5 points to our leading Rock Star, who scored over 2000 points all by herself - well done, Isla!

Keeping Busy

As it’s the holidays, I’m going to suggest a mixture of activities that you might want to try, some of them with an Easter theme, rather than 5 activities for English and 5 for maths. I’ll try to give you plenty of ideas to keep you busy over the next 2 weeks.

Don’t forget, though - make time to cosy up and read things that you enjoy, and keep up the excellent work on Numbots and TTRockstars!

It’s competition time!

To help us have some fun over Easter, we’re going to run some online competitions.

  1. An egg decorating contest

  2. An Easter garden making contest

  3. A virtual Easter bonnet parade

Please send photos of your entries to Mrs Smith at (and a copy to me at, just because I’d like to see them).

Note for parents: if you’d like to enter but would prefer we didn’t use the photos you send in on the school website, please let us know.

As well as the competition, here are some other ideas you might try, just for fun.
Don't forget, you can send photos of ANY of your work to me at - you might even earn some bonus School 360 points!
Try writing a poem about spring. You could try to use rhyming couplets (remember them?) or write an acrostic poem (so the first line would start with S, the second with P and so on until you have spelt SPRING). There's an example of an acrostic poem below.
Easter Card
Make an Easter card for your grown-ups or siblings. There are some ideas here:
Art and Clart
If you enjoy arts and crafts, there are some lovely ideas for Easter-themed crafts here:
The bookmarks are particularly cool.
Scavenger Hunts
Have a go at one of these scavenger hunts, or make one of your own for your brother, sister or grown-ups. There are nine different hunts to choose from - download below.
Flower Power
Do some flower pressing - instructions below!
1. Find some spring flowers.
2. Place them on a piece of kitchen roll (or parchment paper).
3. Cover them with a second piece of kitchen roll (or parchment paper).
4. Put one book underneath them.
5. Place lots of heavy books on top of them (or anything else heavy - in the picture below, bricks are used).
6. Leave them alone for at least a week, maybe two - no peeking!
Science Exploration and Investigations
Try out a science experiment from one of these sites! Remember to check with a grown-up first and think about whether they would be best done outside...
Science at Home (with very few things needed for many of the experiments)
The Imagination Tree: 30 science experiments for kids
R.E. - Easter Experts
Watch a film to learn about the Christian story of Easter and test your knowledge of Easter by answering the questions in the file below.

A huge thank you to everyone sending messages, photographs and videos to let us know what you’re up to. You can see what has been sent in so far by clicking here. If you’d like to share any of your work, creations, messages or activities on the school website so your friends can see them, please send them to If you’d like to show them to me but would prefer them not to go on the website, just let me know. Also, don’t forget you can get in touch using messages on Frog Play.

Take care, everyone and don’t forget: keep busy, keep active and stay safe!

Mr J