Day One

Good evening parents! You'll be glad to hear that we're all safe and well, and having a great time!
We arrived at about midday just after an enormous downpour, but we've been extremely lucky and there hasn't been a drop since. In fact, the sunglasses have even made an appearance. After a quick tour of the castle, we ate our dinner before heading to our dorms to get ready for the first lot of activities. And what an exciting set of activities we had to start with! We've been zipping on the zip wire, towering on the crate stack and clambering over obstacles on the assault course (that one may have been a little muddy). After that, it was time for tea. There were lots of clean plates and you'll be pleased to hear that everybody has eaten something, even if it wasn't actually on the menu! Then, it was shower time, followed by our twilight activity, which is just about to finish. In a little while, it will time for a warm drink before bed - this will hopefully involve some sleep.
We'll update you on here again tomorrow evening - please be patient as it is difficult to get time to go and sit in one of the few areas that get Internet connection (there aren't very many).
Enjoy your peaceful night,
Mr J, Mr W, Mrs H and Mrs P.