4th June 2018

Swansfield Park Primary School Facebook Page

Please note our FB page is an open group and the information that this page holds is visible to anyone accessing Facebook.

This page is used by staff to publish information about our school.  Mrs Smith’s weekly blog will give you all the essential information for the week ahead as well as letting you know about the many achievements and events that go on within school.  Regular updates are made to remind parents, and the wider community about events, important dates and items needed in school.  We hope that you find the information on this page useful and informative!

This page is administered by school staff during normal school office hours (8am – 4pm).  Please bear in mind that we cannot guarantee a response out of these hours.

If you have a concern or an issue relating to school, please speak to a member of staff directly.  As this is a public site, the security and safety of our children and staff is compromised if concerns are shared on Facebook and action will be taken against those who do not adhere to this.