Forest School - Pear class 15th June 2018

This week we have been learning all about our senses and how much we use them everyday.
Today the children stood in a line, put blind folds on and had to use their listening skills to walk in the right direction when they heard my voice, this was lots of fun.
We also lay on the grass to listen for what sounds we could hear, we could hear birds chirping, the wind blowing the trees and children playing near by.
Next we did 'Night-line' where the children had to use their sense of touch to navigate themselves around an obstacle course...still blindfolded!
After a quick game of hide and seek we went on a smell hunt, we found lots of lovely smelling plants and herbs, including lavender, mint and fennel.
Whilst we were watering all our vegetables we talked about all the lovely the things we will be able to taste/eat after we've harvested them.