Head Teacher's Blog13.07.20

13th July 2020

Having taught for over three decades this last school year will definitely stick in my mind as one of the most challenging. It is difficult to predict the resolution to this situation or the impact that the last four months will have on our children. However, we can take heart from the way that children have returned to school and their engagement in learning whether it is in school or at home. I also have to acknowledge the fantastic staff that we have who, as usual have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

The last week of term is always bitter sweet as we are looking forward to celebrating the end of primary education with our year 6 children. On Wednesday the leavers have an al fresco lunch (pizza and chocolate cake) followed by a leavers’ presentation. We are immensely proud of our year 6 children, their attitude, resilience and progress has been phenomenal (and not once did they complain about not doing their SATs!) - well done everyone.

Now we are looking forward to next year and getting the show back on the road. A major part of this is the support we get from our year 6 children who always step up to the mark and act as outstanding role models. The year 5 children have submitted their applications for head boy, head girl and castle captains and we will announce the outcome and award badges on Tuesday.

We have altered our policy of keeping all work books as evidence, and this year we will keep only a selection of books. All other books from this year and last year can be collected from the School Hall between 10 and 2pm on Thursday and any leftover books will be disposed of. Please come and pick up your child’s work as their books are a lovely keep sake.

Once again it has been a difficult task to choose our Stars of the Week. This week’s worthy winners are: Danielle Neville, Cooper Catlow, Alice Wooldridge, Alyssa Jackson Chloe Lundy, Callum Anderson, Ryley Campbell, Lucas Anderson and Dougie Lang.

Well done everyone and an electronic certificate will be winging its way to you!

Thank you for all your support this year. Have a wonderful summer holiday and we’re looking forward to welcoming you back to school on Wednesday 2nd September - Tuesday 1st September is a training day.