Head Teacher's Blog 13.06.22

12th June 2022

Last week was a busy one, our year 1 children completed their phonics check and we got out and about in the community. Year 3 enjoyed a super day at the Glendale Countryside day while a group of our musicians, some who will be taking Associated Board of Music exams in the coming weeks, represented the school at St Mary’s Coffee and Music concert on Saturday. Very well done to Luke Hall, Emma Davidson, Isla Gordon, Fraser Allan and Tegan Newbegin who played and sang with such confidence and skill. 

We were delighted to achieve the Gold Games Mark, we owe a big thanks to Mrs Chambers for submitting our application and organising all our sporting activities over the past year.

As our Year 6 children prepare for their transition to secondary education we welcome staff from DCHS on Thursday who will be talking to the children and answering their questions.

Also this week our year 4 children will be completing their Multiplication Tables Check which is an online activity and involves rapid recall of 25 random times table facts.

Our music this week comes from the folk music of Scandinavia, it’s called Jag vet en dejlig rosa. Can you find out how this title translates into English? It is thought that this song dates back to around the 16th century, that is old! In this version, three singers blend their voices in a beautiful version of the song. Do they all sing the same notes at the same time? What is the musical term we use when musicians play or sing different parts (different notes) which fit together to make a piece of music?


Well done to our stars who have impressed us this week, they are Gracie Fletcher, Rohan Roberts, Amy Davidson, Oliver West, Sam Frater, Kye Campbell, Sofia Pearse,  Isaac Kearns, Mamie Belshaw, Ollie Bell, Ava Ritchie and Ryelle Kent

The whole school attendance stands at 93.3%, we are really proud of Beech class who achieved 100% attendance

Bye for now,

Mrs Smith and Mrs Grimes

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