History- Ancient Egypt

After learning about some of the ancient civilisations we set about understanding how long ago the Ancient Egyptians civilisation existed.  We soon moved onto to developing our historical skills but practising what and how we could learn from artifacts. Working in pair we practised this skill with a few items and compared and came to an agreed conclusion, a s a class, on what we now knew after learning from the artifact. 
In pairs we were each given a different artifact and we had to create a presentation showing our class the different features and what we learnt from them. 
One of our favourite lessons- Mummification
We couldn't wait to learn more about the process of mummification. To help us understand the details of each step we decided to mummify our teddy bears. We followed each step miming each action and even wrapped up our 'mummies'. 
Even Bear couldn't resist getting involved!
As there are so many Egyptian Gods we worked in small groups to research different God and create a presentation to teach our peers about them. They were some great presentations including quizzes at the end to make sure we had understood the information.