Home Learning Friday 6th November

It really has been a pleasure to be back in school this week.  The children have returned with such energy and enthusiasm.  The brakes may be on with much of life at the moment but not in Plum class!
In our RWI we've learnt three new sounds and the 1st was a bit special!
Sh - we found that when two special friends sit together, they make a new sound.  Of course, we already knew how to form these!
r - down the robot and along his arm
j - down his body and curl and dot for his head
Please reinforce this formation at home over the weekend if you can, it helps so much!
We've been having a really big push on writing this week with lots of name writing practice.  We've had competitions to see who can make the best job and the judging has been hard.  Lots of name writing at home would be great, please ensure that you encourage correct formation!  The children have also enjoyed time in the writing area this week making their own messages and practising their formation. 
In our mathematical work, we've explored number 6 this week.  We looked at different ways to represent 6 and spotted representations that weren't 6.  We've learnt to form number 6 by saying "down we go and make a loop, number 6 makes a hoop!"
Later in the week we thought about 1 more and discovered that 1 more was always the next number on our numberline or on our fingers. We enjoyed a paper plate game where the children had to show one more smiley face than Mrs Hammond or Mrs Grimes had on their paper plate.  It would be great if you could practise finding one more than a given number over the weekend. For example "Put 4 grapes in your bowl.  How many would there be in you added 1 more?" 
Mainly, our week has been about exploring the history of the 5th November.  The children loved hearing the tale of Guy Fawkes.  See what your child can remember - who did Guy Fawkes not like very much?  Where did Guy Fawkes try to blow up?  How many barrels of gun powder did he use?
We used charcoal pencils to make drawings of Guy Fawkes, noticing his very strange clothes.  The children used corrugated card to make the houses of parliament and made secret tunnels underneath for Guy Fawkes to hide in.  The children were keen to know that they might find Boris Johnson in the Houses of Parliament today.  We talked about the purpose of this very important building.   
In addition to this, the children have made their own bonfire pictures and paintings, used lots of loose parts to create their own transient art, made bonfires outside in the lovely autumn weather and used powder paint and water to create an outdoor art masterpiece!  (sorry for all the mucky trousers!)
In our PE session, we had great fun being rockets and Catherine wheels. 
Just a quick reminder that children still need spare clothes in school - please pop a bag in if you haven't already done so. 
Have a lovely weekend everyone and we'll see you on Monday. 
Getting physical - building bonfires and firework dancing!
Finding out about Guy Fawkes and the Houses of Parliament
Getting creative (and a little messy - apologies!)
Really working hard on our writing this week...
Number work in action...
Exploring our own ideas in play...