Is my child eligible for Pupil Premium funding?

What is Early Years Pupil Premium?
Early Years Pupil Premium is extra funding that can be claimed for eligible 3 and 4 year old children who are accessing a free early education and childcare place to support their learning, care and development.
How much will Early Years providers receive?
We can claim up to £300 per year for each eligible child. 
How will Early Years providers use this funding?
We will use this extra funding to enhance the quality of your child’s early years experience, for example to improve teaching and learning, facilites, resources and training.   All of which will have a positve impact on your child’s progress and development.
Why is it important to support my Early Years Provider to claim this funding?
High quality early years education and childcare can influence how well a child achieves at both primary and secondary school so we want to make the most of this additional funding.
To find out more about pupil premium and to apply please follow the link below.