Head Teacher's Blog 20th January 2020

20th January 2020

As I go around school at the moment I’m delighted with the focus and hard work of the children, this is always the term when a lot of progress is made. Please support your child be hearing them read and by helping them to learn their spellings and times tables.

Family learning this term is to take part in the Viking competition set by Bailiffgate Museum. So far I have 2 entries so please get busy as the closing date is next week – please read the newsletter for further information.

We have noticed children playing on the grass and play equipment before school. Please remember that children are only allowed on the climbing frames when they are supervised by school staff and we always wear our wellies when we are on the grass at this time of year!

This week the Teacher-led clubs begin after school along with choir, dance, gymnastics and master classes.  Rowan class assembly is also taking place on Thursday at 2:30pm.

Attendance last week was 95.7% which is slightly below the school target of 96%. Well done Maple class who achieved the highest attendance – 100%!