June 2018 update

We have been extremely busy this term with the planning for our Summer Fair (7th July 1-4pm).  
You may note that previously FOSPPS have always held a Spring Fair in May and this year it has changed.  There are a few reasons for this; we had planned to introduce a new event, a coffee morning in the Northumberland Hall in March (which unfortunately we had to cancel this year due to the snow!) and so wanted to spread the events out a bit.  May was also a busy time for school with 2 year groups doing their SATs and the half term holidays we just felt it was a little bit hectic.  On the optimistic side we also thought we may get some slightly better weather in July to hold some of the event outdoors (fingers crossed!)
Since April we have been carefully planning our Fair, including writing off to businesses and tourist attractions in the region to ask them for donations to our ‘Grand Prize Draw’.  We are pleased to report a fantastic response with prizes from as far south as Beamish and as far north as Edinburgh!  We have also had an overwhelming amount of donations from local businesses and charities, we are very grateful to every single one of them.
There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes before these type of events, we have had numerous meeting about what type of attractions we should have, ideas have included inflatables, BBQs, face painting, Pimms/Prosecco stalls, car wash..and the list goes on.  We then have to assess each of these ideas as to whether they are safe, if we have the correct licences/insurance in place, if they would make us any money and what happens if it rains…!  
Slightly more fun is the amount of shopping we get to do before the event, food, drinks, tattoos, prizes, raffle tickets!
We appreciate that our events are very well supported by the families in school and we do continue to raise good sums of money at each one of them.  There are only three of us on the committee and we try very hard to plan and stage fun events for the children at the same time as raising money to benefit the children back in school.
When school resumes in September we will be holding our AGM, a chance to reflect on the events held, money raised and money spent as well as ideas going forward for the next school year.  
The committee currently has 3 members, Myself (Chair), Kirsty Isats (Treasurer) and Rachel Slater (Secretary), we are in the process of discussing whether we should extend our team and introduce further committee members without ‘a job’ as such.  Parents who are willing to attend one or two meetings a year, help us with the ‘brainstorming’ stage of our events and potentially be an extra pair of hands at these events. The AGM is a good meeting to attend, not least because of the wine and nibbles!  It is a good chance for us to reflect on what we have done well and what areas we could improve in.  One thing we struggle with is engaging with the parents and recruiting more members to our small but very dedicated army of volunteers that turn out time and time again to support and help us at events.
Do you think that you would fancy joining us for the AGM??  Don’t forget the wine & nibbles……….!
 Helen and Rachel