Welcome to Larch Class

Hello and welcome to Larch Class!
We are a mixed Year 5/6 class and our form teacher is Mrs Murdy. Our class is taught by other staff too as you can see below.
Subject                  Teacher                  Day/time                
English                            Mr Shotton                        Monday-Friday mornings
Mathematics                   Mrs Murdy                         Monday-Friday mornings
Science/Computing         Mr Shotton                        Friday afternoon
PE                                   Sports coach                     Tuesday afternoon
                                       Mr Shotton                        Friday afternoon
French                            Mrs A Smith                      Tuesday afternoon
PSHE                              Mrs Baxter/Mrs Barrass   Tuesday afternoon
RE / Parliament Work     Miss Back                          Tuesday afternoon
Music                              Mrs Murdy                         Monday afternoon
Humanities                     Mrs Rutherford                  Wednesday afternoon
Art / DT                        Mrs Sutherland                   Thursday afternoon
Our class page is designed to show you useful information and photographs about what we are learning throughout the year. 
You can contact Mrs Murdy using the following email address: