Making a board game

We wanted to play number lotto, but when we looked in the box the cards were missing.  We decided to make some new cards.  First of all we took the lotto boards to the photocopier by the school office.  We had a look at how it worked and all took turns in pressing the buttons to make the copies.  We decided that we needed to have enough copies for all of us to take one home too.  We counted how many children there were and then found the right number on the copier. 
Then we went back to the classroom and sorted the copies in to piles so that we could have one copy each.  We had to make sure that one of each sheet was put on each pile.  We found out that a good way of holding pieces of paper together is by using a paperclip.  Then we needed to write our names on our own copies, so that they could go home.
Our final job was to cut out all the pieces for the one for the classroom.
At last we could play our game!  We counted and matched the cards we made, taking turns and talking about the numerals.