Meet the Romans!

Children in KS2 have been learning about the Romans. As part of this topic, they created portraits of Roman soldiers that appear to come to life to tell us about life in the Roman army!

To do this, the children:

  • researched life in the Roman army
  • wrote monologues from the point of view of a Roman legionary
  • created portraits of a Roman legionary using pencil, charcoal and pastels
  • made animated versions of their portraits using an app called Morfo
  • recorded their monologues and linked them to their animations
  • exported their animations as video clips0
  • linked their video clips to their original portraits using an app called Aurasma

If you'd like to see the portraits in action, download the Aurasma app to your mobile or tablet, search for and follow SPFS, and then point the camera at one of the pictures in the gallery below. Make sure your volume is turned up!

If you are unable to use Aurasma, your child's video can be accessed via your child's School360° account. There's also a small sample that can be downloaded below.