Welcome to Cherry Class

Welcome to Cherry Class at Swansfield Park Primary School!

We hope you have a wonderful summer holiday and are ready for some routine and normality come September.
Myself, Claire Hornsby (Preschool Lead) and Jenny Carr my amazing assistant run the preschool for our busy 2 years olds in our little home from home cabin on the school grounds.
Our mornings start at 8.45am and finish at 11.45am. During this time the children will be introduced to new friends and staff and become accustomed to a new routine, starting with good morning which we all take part in, helping us become 'a little Cherry family'. The children can then get a feel for their new surroundings indoors and outdoors while we support your child’s learning and attend to their needs. The children can make new friends, feel safe, become an artist or a creator, dive into the water or sand, risk take, be explorers, become actors/actresses, be readers, tell stories, use their imaginations or construct masterpieces, become leaders, anything and everything is possible!
During this time I know some of you parents may feel a little stressed about leaving your child for the first time with new staff members and new surrounding, trust me I understand which is why I will always reassure you and to begin with, give you a telephone call during the morning to tell you how your child has settled.  We'll also try to take on board any routines your child likes to have. Top tip, don’t prolong your goodbyes as this can be more distressing for your child, be sure to say goodbye and tell them you will collect them later and please do not worry we will take good care of them.
After the morning of exploring at 10.00am the children wash their hands and take part in preparing a snack, this could be fruit or vegetables with milk or water. The children then go back into their free flow play and learning.  Again, we are there to support your child. The children then contribute to tidy up and sing a song beforehand to help them recognise this routine. From this we all come together to sing, dance, maybe play a group game and a story before going home.
Parents are to use the designated routes on entry to the school which is the far park gate (just up the path from the park), follow the pathway to our little building ready to drop your child off at 8.45. It is very important that we stick to the times and one person to drop off and pick up per child. At 11.45 your child is to be collected from the park gate. Again, one person please to ensure the best possible safety measures for children and staff.
Could parents please put together a bag for their child with their nappies, wipes, water bottle, and a full set of spare clothes including underwear, shoes and socks please.  At this time we are unable to have children's comforters in school but I'll keep you posted on this if guidance changes. I have plenty of wellies and outdoor suits for your child to use when outdoors in the rain and mud. We want our children to take full advantage of exploring in all weathers. On cold days can we make sure children are wrapped up with the necessary clothes such as a hat, mittens, scarf and for warmer days please be sure to put suncream on before you come and bring a sun hat. All clothing, bags, water bottles must be named. Thank you.
I would normally ask parents to bring in a family photo on the first week to display in the classroom to give a home from home comfort for your children. This can be quite comforting for our children when they feel a little lost and scared in a new environment. This would be displayed at their eye level in their very own home corner. You are more than welcome to email your family photo and we can get them printed off ready to be displayed.
For Parents who have the free entitlement, please ensure the office has your child’s reference letter with code, copy of your child’s birth certificate, NI number of the claimant and DOB.
For new parents who are paying for sessions, you will receive an email and text message from school money with instructions to manage your bills online.   Sessions are £12 and we provide mornings only. Please could all payments be kept up to date. Thank you
Please could all parents make sure these following forms are filled out and sent to the school via email. The forms you should have filled out are:
  • Data Collection
  • Consent Form
Link below with the following forms.
We want all parents and children to feel happy, safe and excited for your new normal and for some of you, new experiences as families. Feel free to contact us and we will be sure to help and answer all of your questions to the best of our ability.
Thank you and see you all very soon Cherry Class Team