Welcome to Pear Class

We would like to heartily welcome you and your child to Pear class!
Reception is a huge change for children as they begin their learning journey. We hope that this year they will gain independence, grow in confidence and take great strides to become confident readers, writers and mathematicians! There are so many changes for both you and your child and we hope to reassure you that this is just the beginning of a fantastic adventure! We look forward to getting to know and guide your children through this exciting year, but we also look forward to working with you, their parents to make their time in reception a happy and successful learning experience.
Obviously, this September will be rather different to our usual start and I know many of you will be apprehensive given the circumstances, but we will be sure to do our best to make your child feel safe, happy and secure in their new environment. Our class teacher is Mrs Horne-Smith and our teaching assistant is Mrs Vicky. Our door is always open (metaphorically at this point!), but please feel free to contact us at any point via email if you have any worries or concerns.  
Our day will start in Pear class with an 8.35am drop-off and a 2.50pm collection.  Please adhere to these times as they are part of Swansfield Park’s staggered times, to keep all members of our school and community safe. To minimise the number of people on site, we continue to ask that only one adult accompanies their child to and from school. Site access for children in Pear class will be the green gate via the Avenue (Police station road) and around the corner from the large green gate signposted for apple class.


Children will need to bring to school a full change of clothes (jumper/cardigan, top, trousers, socks, pants), a school book bag, a named pair of wellies, a named sun hat and some sun cream. These can remain in school. Every day you will need to bring a named water bottle, jumper/cardigan and coat. These are the only things that will come home each day.

 For the time being we will not be partaking in our usual P.E. sessions although this may change throughout the term but we will keep you informed of any changes.

 We will upload our weekly class activities onto our Pear class blog every Monday for you to see what your children have been up to during the previous week - please take some time to read through this as it will not only give you some learning insight, we also include pictures of your children and it is a way for us to relay some activities you can complete at home to help consolidate any learning we have done in the classroom.

We look forward to meeting you all!

The Pear Class Team

Mrs Horne-Smith contact: 



In Pear class, every morning starts with a sing and dance! Get ready to join in!