Numerise Letter

Dear parent/carer,
We have been made aware of a free course (until September 2020) within Numerise that is designed to prepare Year 6 learners for starting Year 7 in September. Please find further information that has been sent to us which you and your child may wish to explore:
'Numerise is a new independent learning product designed to provide additional maths support to students at home. Just like Sparx Maths, Numerise personalises maths questions to each student so they can work at a level that is right for them.

Numerise is predominantly for KS3 and KS4 students but we have also created a course called Secondary Ready which is available within the product and designed to prepare Year 6 students for starting secondary school.

Features of the course include:
  • Varied questions to keep learners engaged and motivated
  • Help videos for when a child gets stuck
  • Use on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile
  • Powered by Sparx Maths, which improves progress in maths
We are offering free access until September to all learners who sign up, including the Secondary Ready course for Year 6 students.

You may like to share this opportunity with your colleagues and/or any parents/carers, particularly of Year 6 students who might be joining you in September. Hopefully, we can help lessen the impact that the current crisis and summer holidays might have on learning, and prepare students for using Sparx Maths in Year 7.

Parents/carers can sign up to Numerise at or visit if they'd like some more information about the secondary ready course. I have attached a couple of flyers for your perusal.

A parent can oversee up to five learners. When they log in, they will be able to create an account for a child as a Learner. Then both the Parent and Learner will be able to access information on which course is being studied, how many activities have been completed and how many questions have been answered correctly.'
Please feel free to explore the Secondary Ready course further - the site looks very user-friendly and accessible.
In September, we as a school are continuing to use MathsWatch, an online maths platform, and not Sparx Maths for the next academic year.
Kind regards,
Karen Hopper.