Nursery Stay and Play 2015-16

Our first 'Stay and Play' of the year let us show our parents and grandparents what we do in Nursery.  It focussed on some of the things we do to help strengthen our arm and finger muscles so that we can become ready to write when we want to start doing it.
Our second 'Stay and Play' session was just before the Christmas break.  We did some Christmas crafts together, sang some Christmas songs and enjoyed playing in Nursery with our family and friends.
During our third 'stay and play', parents and grandparents got the opportunity to learn how to wet felt with the children.  They have made some beautiful felt squares for a seasons display.  At the end of the sessions we gathered together for songs.  The children have spent a week learning some new songs for the ICAN 'Chatterbox Challenge', raising money for the charity ICAN, which supports children with communication and language difficulties.
During our Spring 2 Stay and Play we again welcomed parents and grandparents in to play with us.  We focussed a few activities on emerging literacy skills such as hearing and saying the initial sounds in words, and rhyming activities.  We finished the session with some songs supporting letters and sounds.