Hello everyone! Sorry we can't be with you today but here are some home learning jobs to be getting on with.  
Read Write Inc- Please have a look on the tab "teaching materials to support your child's learning at home" on plum class page to find all of set 1, 2,3 sounds.   
If your child is working with Mrs Horne-Smith or Mrs Tait please recap set 1 sounds, if your child works with Miss Freeman, recap Set 1 and 2.
 After you have quickly recapped the speed sounds, can you write some sentences about the pictures below. Don't forget to use a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop. 
Reception- This week we have been learning about repeating patterns. Rather than a simple repeating pattern (e.g. a b a b a b) can you make a more complex pattern ( e.g. a a b b a a b b or  a b c  a  b  c).
Challenge 1- Can you make a repeating pattern using body movements- for example, clap, stamp, jump
Challenge 2- Go out on a walk and collect some natural materials (pine cones, sticks etc) to bring home and make your own repeating pattern. We would love to see a picture of these on your journals!
This week we have been learning all about the Christian religious festival Easter. We have enjoyed reading and watching different versions of the story and creating our own and discussing how the story of Jesus coming back to life is a celebration of new life and that is why we have Easter eggs . We have also been looking for signs of new life in our environment because of the seasonal change to Spring (not that it feels very Spring-like today)!
 If the weather does cheer up, why not get outside and go on a Spring hunt! What should you look for? Flowers shooting up, buds beginning to open, weather getting warmer, baby animals out in the fields. Can you go home and draw what you saw and label! 
Can you start to create some Easter crafts to prepare for the Easter celebrations? Maybe you could decorate your own egg - please see the template below for you to use or you could try painting some real eggs.
This week in Drawing Club we have been reading the story WANTED: The Chocolate Monster. Could you write a short story about this monster. Remember to use your sounds and finger spaces to build your sentences.
 Don't forget to upload any pictures of work to your journals (reception) and if you are in year 1, send me your work via email. 
Enjoy your day and stay warm!
Mrs H-S