Plum Class Autumn 1

The final week before half term!  We have been writing lots of stories together this week - some have been scribed by adults, and some have had letters or words written by the children.  We have been working hard to hear and say the sounds in words to then use our phonics to write them.  We are getting there!!!  It has definitely turned autumnal, resulting in lots of leaf-sweeping and mud outside.  We have investigated pumpkins and squashes of various sizes and colours, and have been using hama beads to make patterns and strengthen our finger muscles.  This week we have learnt u, b and f in phonics; and our first lot of wordless books have gone home to share.  Have a lovely break over half-term!
There has been a real interest in counting and maths this week, using a variety of resources.  We have been looking particularly carefully at 'teen' numbers.  On Wednesday we performed in the Infant Harvest Festival.  We remembered all our songs and actions and did a great job in front of a huge crowd of parents!  On Thursday we brought in autumnal resources from home and shared them to make transient natural collages.  We then went round our 'gallery' telling each other all about our art - we had people, a rainbow, birds nests, a police station and jail, and some abstract patterns.  We discussed what we liked about each others' artwork. This week the Gazette photographer took our photos, and we are in the paper!  We have also been using the Interactive Whiteboard to do some pictures this week.  We need to make sure that we write our names on the board so that we know whose turn it is next.  We have not done any new sounds in RWI this week.
Another hectic week!  Now that we know quite a few letter sounds many of us are starting to become more confident in wanting to write - anything and everything.  We have also been interested in lots of number games this week, making up our own games for counting, sorting and ordering.  We have been problem solving - when some quoits 'accidentally' found their way over the fence we needed to work out how to get them back without opening the gate.  It was quite tricky, but eventually we managed to get most of them by hooking them onto a long piece of guttering!  We have been practising our harvest festival songs and are looking forward to sharing them with our family next week.  In RWI we have been learning o, c and k.
We have done lots of Roald Dahl activities this week - we read the story of the Enormous Crocodile, dressed up in costumes, started making a display for the hall and watched the Year 5s perform two Roald Dahl plays.  We have also met a stick insect - some of us were brave enough to let it crawl on our arms. With the weather turning decidedly autumnal we have dug up our vegetable patch.  We were really pleased with the number of pototoes that we found, and washed and sorted some of them.   In RWI we have been learning n, p and g.
Another busy week!  We have met a hedgehog, and then used the computer to find out some facts about hedgehogs and made some pictures of hedgehogs covered in leaves as their houses to 'keep them safe from the foxes'.  We have taken part in our first assembly, where we watched the amazing Pearl of Africa Choir, which then led to dancing to African music, playing a djembe drum (and making our own drum band) and making African masks. In between we have started independently making bread rolls, learnt 3 new RWI sounds (d, t and i), done lots of counting and sorting and have decided together our Plum Class Code - the rules for our class.
The end of our first full week, and we have started Read, Write, Inc, ground wheat to make flour, made bread, and created pictures using paint, on the computer, and using pens and pencils.  We have been counting, sorting, and investigating.  With the more changeable weather we have been thinking about what we need to wear when, and are learning to try and avoid traipsing mud and grass through the classroom!  We are becoming more confident on the field at break and lunchtimes, and are starting to play with some of the older children.  We have had a great discussion about who heard and saw the thunder and lightning, and what stopped working when the electricity went off.  We have read some lovely stories, and are particularly enjoying 'The Little Red Hen and the Grain of Wheat'.  We all enjoy joining in with some of the words.  
What a busy first few days we have had in Plum Class!  Everyone has settled in really well and we are all learning the new routines.  We have been very busy exploring the classroom, inside and out, and are making new friends.  Some of us have been very interested in our vegetable patch and have watered the plants, and harvested some broad beans, carrots and tomatoes.  Some of us have spent a long time establishing which things in the classroom are magnetic.  We discovered that some shiny silver things are not magnetic.  Some of the magnets are strong enough to carry or pull and push magnetic things, but others are not strong enough, so we need more of them.  We have talked about what rules we would like in the classroom and have decided on some things to help us stay safe and be kind to each other.  We have learned 'choose it, use it and put it away' and are getting better at 'when you have finished please can I have a turn?'  We have all drawn a picture of ourselves, and had a go at writing our name.  Some of us have even tried sounding out and writing some other words or the initial sounds of words on pictures we have drawn.  We have learnt how to make our own powder paint mixtures, and know what we need to do when we would like snack.  We have enjoyed going on the big field at break time and lunch time - especially as we get to play with our big brothers and sisters.  We have built, balanced, counted, sorted and matched.  We have shared stories, listened to each other tell us information, and sang songs..... and all in just 3 days!!! I wonder what next week will bring!